Western Civilization I

In comparing the cultures of the Minoans and the Myceneans, it is best to identify first where they live. The Minoans are inhabitants of the islands off the Aegean Sea such as Crete and Santorini. Perhaps the greatest treasure they have ever made was the palace of Knossos which they covered with frescoes which are wet but surprisingly detailed.  The frescoes depict the way of life of the Minoans which was mainly dependent and influenced by the sea.

The paintings consists mainly of sea creatures such as dolphins, sea birds, fishermen with sizeable catches and women wearing beautiful dresses and pearl necklaces which were probably harvested from the sea.The Myceneans on the other hand lived Tiryns, a mountain-guarded city. They prefer war to arts since they are a nation of warriors. They built high hallways to defend their city from possible attacks of other people. Their way of life is shown in the different drawings, embroideries and decorations on vases, gold cups, daggers and other weapons. The Myceneans were a powerful people who liked to fight but traded with other people for materials that are not indigenous to their locality. They traded with the Egyptians for gold and like the latter; they created death masks of their dead rulers.

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The Minoans and the Myceneans, while differing in a lot of aspects, were alike in the sense that their cities are heavily defended. One is surrounded by the seas while the other by mountains. This fondness for fortifications must have been brought about by experiences and incidents of attacks coming from barbarians and pirates who might want to take the treasures and gold of these people. Both cultures, too, have high regard for their kings and rulers.Reference:Hooker, R. (1996).

Bureaucrats and Barbarians: Minoans, Myceneans and the Greek Dark Ages [Electronic Version]. Retrieved April 28, 2008, from http://www.wsu.edu/~dee/MINOA/CONTENTS.HTM. 



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