Westward expansion had on United State economic growth

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The expansion of westward in nineteenth century was an important determinant of geographic distribution and economic activities in the United State today. The expansion of westward in the United State, so the size in geographical raises from the triple size to more than a million square miles, also the population shifted from seven percent to sixty percent where there was the improvement of productivity, technologies and transportation infrastructures, all this have lead to the growth of economy. The population growth brought the increasment of productive of the land. The decreases of transportation cost induced western migration to the productive lands, where the actual history figure of sixty percent, has raised because of improvement of technology such as the use of barbed wire to cut down on the time need to build a fence.

The expansion of borders in United State, because of population growth and the production brought up by the immigrants. (Dippel, 2005).Impacts of immigration had on American demographyAs the thought of immigration is being commenced in America, which means it is the first place that immigrates begin and it is the top of world the immigrates are living and all immigrations first started in America, where the first immigration are from northern and western Europe.

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This group of people was the first to combat racism because most of them were poor while fewer were rich. Demography in America resulted to major production and development of productive lands which interment increase the economic growth, whereby great number of immigration, the cost of labor and transportation was significantly to low price, this was brought up by immigration technologies.Impacts of immigration had on American economyThe immigrates in the United State have less opportunities of getting jobs and also they are less involved on the participation on the labor in building the nation, but as newborns are matured in United State, later they cause a slit significant on earning and having employment opportunities. The immigrant made a tremendous impact on the American economy and they also contributed largely to the America society as a whole.

Economic growth in America brought a great deal of wealth to the citizen, where the development of individuals raised from poor statutes to rich.The immigration has fueled United State macroeconomic growth where it brought uncontroversial and unsurprising income where more of total of workers yield more total output. The immigrant workers benefit from working in the United State is also uncontroversial and unsurprising fear were affect with well seeing of United State natives. (Villamagna, Armstrong, McBride, 2003).

Impact of immigration had on America’s political climateWhile the discrimination of employments to the immigrants was of higher aspect, because of the basis of race, gender, religion beliefs, color or national origins. The political practices occurred due to the equal employment opportunity, which was an economic issue and had the impact on nation economic growth.How different regions developed on economic growth and social systemsThe congressional leaders felt that the labor for each region has to be equally distributed among immigrant so that to strengthen each region. Each region developed different because of the geographical and the population growth from each region.

The sections were created through the western, northern, and southern ham sphere, where the blacks have their section while the Indian and the white Americans has their section. Black America’s migrated to south while the Native American’s are the north. Therefore, the sections where are divided according to the population size and the geographical landscape.In the responses of growing illegal immigration, the domestic migrants underlook the consideration of provision of rules and regulation that addresses the concern, as it implies for immigrants. For the foreign policy, provides the mention of terrorism images, where the American’s heads create the policy that provides to the investigation organization such FBI and CIA a clear network to handle with such crimes. (Conrad, 2005).


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