What is a societal problem you believe needs to be addressed Explain why and how.

Although there are numerous societal problems that needs immediate attention but one problem which I feel needs most of the attention is society morality conflict. I would further elaborate my statement by saying that the people living in the society have become immoral and they indulge themselves in those kinds of acts that are not only immoral but they are unethical as well. Abortion is one major part of the moral conflicts between the societies as there are some people who are against it while some think that it is a human right. However, I would say that killing the baby without any valid reason or justification is not ethical.Moreover, the people are getting more and more prone to drugs and drinking and this not only harms the health of the individuals who consume drugs but it also leaves a negative impact on the society. Prostitution is also seen on a rise as the men are unsatisfied with their life partners and this is one quick way for the women to make money despite of the fact that this is not a moral practice.

One more conflict in the society is occurring between the people who believe in God and the people who follow atheism. Atheists are the people who do not believe in any gods and this gives a negative connotation because most of the people in the society worship gods.Due to the rise in unemployment and the people being unable to support their living, they are left with two options; either they tend to commit suicide or they indulge in unethical acts that affect the society in a negative way and these have become a major evil for the society and the people.

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