What is his point

Though the book “A Man without a Country” is written in funny way, it has a serious message for those who are concerned about humanity in general and America in particular. It intimately expresses the author’s deep anguish at the prevailing situation in the United States despising the Bush administration and its policies.

Kurt Vonnegut in his own kidding and humorous style strongly condemns the Americans’ lust for oil. He laments at the inhuman administration that has dehumanized millions of people in the name of race and religion. He criticizes the unthinking and uncaring attitude of people in damaging the environment. He is not quite hopeful of a great future for the coming generations given the indifferent and reckless attitude of the present people. He says, “I know of very few people who are dreaming of a world for their grandchildren”.

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Using humor as a physiological response to the fear, he expresses his deep concern for the future generations and his total disregard for the people who are in the positions of power causing loss to people and to the green earth.  He strongly advocates that everyone should save his own and others’ lives and be honorable.The title of the BookA Man without a Country, with the sub-title “A Memoir of Life in George W Bush’s America” is a collection of small essays, speeches and interviews despising the Bush administration. Fitting the definition of a memoir, the book comments on the incidents happened during administration of famous personality President Bush.The author calls himself a man without a country except for the librarians as he is quite disgusted with the present day Americans who present themselves as proud and pitiless war lovers. It is clear that he does not like to be associated with people who have dehumanized millions and millions of human beings in the name of religion and race.  The book consists of intimate and informal conversations of an eighty year old man about the affairs of the day urging the people to save themselves and the earth and to be honorable.



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