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Last updated: March 26, 2019

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I would like to take part with providing education, conducting youth outreach and community development to young children and teenagers in poverty stricken communities. Through my educational background and socio-civic work experiences, I believe that I am equipped with the basic skills and training to carry out the tasks of being a Peace Corps volunteer. I am a member of two organizations that are invested in providing emotional, psychological and financial assistance to troubled youths. Also, during my spare time, I help freshmen and other students who are having difficulty adjusting with college life and the academic curriculum. Moreover, venturing in a volunteer job at developing country would enhance my knowledge about culture and the society which can help me to be a better individual personally and professionally.I would like to go to the Philippines and work there as a Peace Corps volunteer.

This Southeast Asian country is an archipelago which comprised of more than 7,000 islands. Given this geography and the country’s economic status, the Philippines is currently lacking in providing their citizens with sufficient social services. It is in this area that I would like to help Filipinos particularly the youth in mitigating their present situation and conditions. Since the Peace Corp has already an established program in the Philippines, providing assistance on my part would be easy and unproblematic. With the efforts of the volunteers and local organizations, we can make a difference in changing how Filipinos acquire education in order for them to have better opportunities for themselves and their families. Also, the youth from impoverished regions can gain access to education and at the same time socio-civic assistance which can initiate change for the entire country.

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Being a Peace Corps volunteer is not an easy job. Successfully accomplishing the functions of a volunteer requires dedication and an adequate amount of knowledge on social work or community development. Fortunately, I have enrolled in several courses on international development and sociology which will help me to understand the real living conditions of people in developing countries.

More so, through this I have been enlightened about the dynamics of different societies and their respective cultures specifically on how they sustain development. Also, I have made several country studies particularly on countries in Southeast Asia which have armed me with sufficient knowledge about the needs and conditions of these countries. In terms of skills, I have engaged in several socio-civic and volunteer activities since I was in high school such as assisting in feeding the homeless and participating in Habitat for Humanity. Given this background combined with my administrative and organizational skills and commitment to initiate positive changed, I believe that I am ready and competent to be a part of the prestigious US Peace Corps.

Joining the Peace Corps entails numerous benefits which are the following: (1) Learn about new cultures and people; (2) Become trained to speak another language; (3) Gain a lot of contacts, acquaintances and even life-long friends from different countries; (3) Have a well-rounded experience of planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating and maintaining social projects; and (4) Being able to make a difference in the lives of many people. These advantages of being a volunteer would not only enhance the personality of an individual but also the marketability of person as a professional. Because of the great amount of knowledge and experiences that I can obtain from being a Peace Corps volunteer, I can easily find a promising and highly coveted job. Usually employers would hire applicants who have an extensive background and profitable skills.

So after my volunteer work in the Peace Corps, I believe that I will be given the edge in acquiring a great job or pursuing graduate school.There are only two things that concern me regarding doing volunteer work in a developing country. First would be about safety.

In the news, there are numerous reports about foreigners being abducted by rebels or insurgents in different parts of the world. Foreigners especially Americans have become primary targets of kidnapping because of the notions that we are from a developed country and that we are working in a foreign territory wherein our presence can be perceived as obtrusive. When I go to a specific country, I want to be assured that my security and safety will always be guaranteed.  My second concern would be the fact that I will be thousands of miles away from home, my family and friends. It is not easy to get used to a foreign place with unfamiliar customs and traditions.

Sometimes this drawback could influence an individual to give up and go back home. Being homesick is one of the things that could distract volunteers from doing efficiently their jobs.If I would be offered with a job assignment with the Peace Corps after I earn my Bachelor’s degree at MSU, I would certainly accept it. Ever since I was a kid, I already had this fascination of going to different places. By being a volunteer for Peace Corps, I can travel the world and at the same time help people in alleviating poverty, improving literacy rate, enhancing poor health conditions and many others.

Through this challenging works, I know that I can be able to know myself better. I would be able to determine my strengths which I can enhance for the better and weaknesses which I can remove out from my system in order to improve myself as an individual and as a professional. Overall, the experience that I will gain from Peace Corps would be forever treasured and would always be a part of who I am now and what I will be in the future. 


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