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Last updated: March 23, 2019

I must admit that there are instances when I question other people’s motive when they claim that life is unfair and burdensome.

It is not that I am living a perfect and happy life. Of course, I have my share of predicaments and troubles and I must admit that some of them almost brought me to the point of giving up. However, there is one lesson that has always motivated me to survive and continue the fight and that is to view the world in its lighter and non-material side.It would be dishonesty if I would claim that I am not a material person.

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For years of being a working student, I have learned how money can motivate and at the same time destroy one’s life; particularly in our world today when technology is the leading assistant to people. I must say that I am one of these people who believe in the power of technology. Aside from it being one of the leading sources of profit, it is also one of the primary reasons why physical labor is much easier to perform today. Actually, I find enjoyment in working with computers.

I can do basic operations with the computer such as its hardware and software functions. The growing complexity of computers and information technology triggers my curiosity and further inspires me to learn and discover more about them.On the other hand, I am not always the technical type of person. I do know the other fact of life that money and technology are not always the reason for happiness. I do volunteer work in a “peer helpers program” at my school where I regularly try to help fellow students with their problems. I also work as a waiter in a retirement home so I am aware of how the most difficult problems in life cannot be solved by millions of dollars.

Sometimes a short conversation and simple smile can ease a stranger’s burden.I might look like a typical guy but I absolutely have a lot of stories to tell; not only about computers but with the mysteries of life as well.


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