What Media is the Most Truthful

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Last updated: March 26, 2019

Media, also known as ‘the press,’ is the instrument that propagates and disseminates news all over the world.

Any of its channels –newspaper or printed materials, radio, television, or the Internet – is supposed and ought to deliver the ‘truth’ to their audience.This paper will tackle the world of television, however it will serve as my criticism with regards to the information dissemination and presentation of that particular media because I do not believe that there is ‘truth’ in this media group.First, there is prejudice around us.

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People by nature are biased especially if he or she has already been acquainted by a certain knowledge regarding particular information or issue. People’s imagination knows no boundaries, thus whatever is presented to them – may it be objective or subjective – they always take or stick to one side, with or without knowing the implications and truth on both sides. So, television reporters and all the people involved in the production of a news program have the power to sift all the information that is to be broadcasted. They omit relevant facts that definitely unleash and expose the truth. They just present what they want to present.

Second, the agenda of any reporter adds color to the tone of his or her manner of reporting the news. This often leads to omissions that cause the audience to become misinformed, thus leading them to consider and believe things that are either not true or exaggerated (Burk).To sum up, NO media is truthful because any of them may present, disseminate and broadcast biased and omitted information that definitely affects the propagation of the ‘truth’ to the audience.

Work CitedBurk, Don. 11 January 2009. Exposing Media Bias through our “Truth Algorithm.”12 January 2009 <http://www.truthfulanswer.com/>


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