What Price Would I Pay For Peace

I recall the words of Patrick Henry, asking if life is so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery, and I understand that there are some things that must be defended. Even Christ, the Prince of Peace, in Christian dogma, tells his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword. Yet, I have heard George Bush tell me, in an insulting exhibition of petitio principii, that we must fight for peace in the Middle East. I hear the propaganda machines spew Orwellian nonsense that I must accept less freedom in the name of liberty. I will not willingly pay this price for peace. I do not feel under attack by anyone but my government.

We live in a land protected by two great oceans, making it difficult for war to come to us. We must go to it, historically. Those who live on the front lines obviously feel differently about the question, as it is more urgent to them.

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As an American I have grown smug, and war is something I watch on television. Americans, with the exception of the minority with sons and daughters in harm’s way, can tune out war with a click of their remote.I want peace by means of compromise. I want peace by means of an orderly transfer of power. I have serious doubts that anything I do will affect peace for good or ill, yet, even believing this, I am willing to sign petitions. I am willing to write my Congressman, but, most of all, I am willing to vote.

  I might respond that I would go to virtually any length for peace, in theory. But realistically my response is that I will pay the price the American way. I will campaign against the regime that started a war. I will work for the election of a leadership who offers to stop the insanity, and I will vote for that man or woman who promises me peace. 



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