What should worldviews fulfill

Our world views are greatly influenced by the different cultures of different people in the world. Culture, according to anthropology is defined as a way of life of a certain social group. These social groups create, and exchange materials and ideas.2.

0 BODYAccording to World Religions : Many Peoples, Many Faiths: Women and Men in the World Religions, 7th Edition, 2002, by Robert Ellwood and Barbara McGraw, culture is categorized into three distinct groups; material culture, social culture and ideological culture. Material culture involves the making, buying and selling of materials; or rather, goods, in order to feed, clothe, and shelter ourselves. Social culture on the other hand involves the creation of social groups and their subsequent interaction. However, ideological culture amongst the others, greatly affects how we behave, experience the world, and interact with our social networks.Every culture has a unique way of thinking, viewing the world, and uniting people in their behavior. Ideology occurs in three forms; values, ideals and beliefs. People’s beliefs influence their different reactions to certain circumstances.

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Different beliefs recognize different understandings of the world, and different responses to different actions towards other people and the environment.Our everyday domestic life, such as providing for the family, love, interpersonal relationships, health and death, amongst others, is influenced by our beliefs. While a person may view death as sacred, another may view it as purely evil.

In certain communities, it is perfectly normal for a woman to provide for the family, while it may be total disgrace in another community, for the woman to do the same.Ideals serve as a model for what people hope to achieve. Ideological culture is influenced by two wide factors; religion and secularism.Religion affects the spiritual life of an individual.

All of life, including food, suffering, sexuality, and government have religious significance. For instance, Muslims view the pig as an unclean animal and can therefore not feed on it. Christians on the other hand view all animals as sacred and can feast on the pork. Another example is the case on sexuality. In the Muslim society, incest is viewed as a normal, acceptable, and sacred practice. On the other hand, incest is considered as an abomination in the Christian society.

Secularism, on its own is influenced by logic and science. Science has challenged religion in every aspect, especially creation. This has affected our world views. Brilliant scientists have devised ways to reach and explore space. They have come up with different theories to explain creation, for example the Big Bang Theory and the Nebula Cloud Theory. These theories may have some flaws, but they have affected people’s beliefs (Atheists believe they exist because of the need to exist. They believe in no supernatural being or power behind their existence). Scientists have also cloned both animals and plants to challenge different creation stories.

The last bit is that our world view affects our interaction with the social network. This is very evident especially in recent times. It is a known fact that Al-Qaeda suicide bombers would do anything to get into ‘heaven’, including killing millions of people. These bombers have been ‘promised’ great wealth and 21 virgins for marriage once they get to heaven and they view this world as useless, without much giving. Well, it may be true.

In other cultures, it is wrong to marry out of your social circle, while in other cultures, it is perfectly normal, all that matters is love.3.0 CONCLUSIONIt is evident that our world views fulfills so much, whether socially, emotionally, spiritually, economically, or politically. Most of our behaviors, values and decisions are based on our world views.REFERENCE:Ellwood, R. and McGraw, B.

World Religions : Many Peoples, Many Faiths: Women and Men in the World Religions, 7th Edition, 2002. 

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