What To Do In Case Of Fire

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In the film “What To Do In Case Of Fire” which was set in Berlin, wherein the characters portrayed rebels that was able to show how to make a homemade bomb. Being able to be successful in making the bomb they were named as terrorists and being sought by the authorities.

Some of the group members were able to get arrested and yet some were able to escape the police. In this way, the remaining bandits formulate tactics to break through the headquarters and demolish the evidence. They were able to formulate strategies to destroy the pieces of evidence including the film which was strong for their group. By making another homemade bomb, they were to destroy the evidence including the important film.

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In life, there are circumstances that strategies should be made to be able to pass through a certain situation. In this film, the bandits that were not captured, they would do anything to help their captured members to escape from the authorities. Having plans before a decision, this will be able to steer lives that will be an advantage. Nevertheless, it could also be a disadvantage. An advantage because formulating strategies in life will be able to foreshadow what could happen in the future.

Just like in the film, they were successful in destroying the evidence especially the film by making an effective strategy which is to make another homemade bomb and was placed in the evidence room. It will enable to be equipped on anything that will happen to a certain situation in life. A disadvantage because even if there will be plans, there are outside forces that could destroy what was planned. There were also strategies by the police in capturing the bandits that the other party would not know. These are thing that they should have also prepared.

There will be other circumstances that could annihilate especially if the strategies are limited. In adopting this in life, it could help me in seeing a better future. In this way, I will be ready for anything that may happen in life.  Sometimes, we will encounter situations in our lives which we really do not expect.

  As such, we should approach this depending on how we perceive the situation.A different approach in life other than the spontaneous and well-planned could also be adopted.  It actually depends on the person on how he or she perceives a situation.  A kind of approach wherein a combination of both would also be beneficial to a person if adopted.  This is so because not every aspect of life needs to be planned while other stages in life needs some preparation.  For as long as I have the goal in mind, it actually depends on how and what means do I have to undergo to achieve that goal.The spontaneous and well-planned approach in life has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  Neither approach is superior to the other.  Just like in the movie, I realized that nothing in life is constant. As such, we should be prepared for changes and do things in accordance with what we perceive is the right thing to do.

  As mentioned earlier, the application of a specific approach depends upon the situation.  There are situation wherein we apply the spontaneous approach and just “go with the flow”, while we can adopt the well-planned approach and make every step within our reach.  But whatever approach we adopt, as long as we reach our goal, is the most important of all.BIBLIOGRAPHYClaussen, Jakob, & Wilson, Andrea, & Wobke, Thomas (Producer) & Schnitzler, Gregor (Director). 2001. What To Do In Case Of Fire [Motion Picture].

Columbia Pictures.


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