When People Walk their Talk: The Los Angeles Moves for Environmental Justice

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Last updated: March 21, 2019

In the 2007 film entitled Los Angeles: Dream a Different City these various efforts headed by the residents of the City of Los Angeles were showcased.

The film carried both the good news and an inspiration for the rest of the world to follow.The main problem Los Angeles is facing is the air pollution in the form of smog which was mainly caused by large quantity of coal smoldering and vehicular emissions. Thus an endeavor to have this problem eliminated TreePeople grew in number as more and more volunteers are joining this move to solve this problem. This pro-environment organization which fuses trees, technology and people collaborates with the government to better serve their purpose. Among the objectives of TreePeople is educating communities about environmental issues the entire world is facing. Also they are concerned in demonstrating possible sustainable solution for these problems.

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What is interesting about this organization is that their main goal is to instill to all the members and communities that everyone has take “personal responsibility” to what is happening to the world and its environment. (Tree People, 2010)The film also included the efforts spearheaded by the Friends of Los Angeles River in their efforts of bringing back and protecting the natural birthrights of the Los Angeles River. Since 1986 this non-profit organization believes that education and advocacy are what’s keeping them victorious then and now. Among the activities Friends of Los Angeles River is involved with are re-vegetating the LA River’s watershed, restoration of the ecosystem, educating students and communities with the stress on the significance of the river. Friends of Los Angeles River is not alone in pursuing their goal for the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy is also helping them.Another group of people who are doing pro-environmental steps, through education, to save Los Angeles is the Girls Today Women Tomorrow.These are just among the major shots Los Angeles government and citizens are taking to achieve their vision of a better city environment. More projects are still to be accomplished all gearing towards environmental justice.

As we can see the movements involved in by the citizens and government of Los Angeles are incorporating technology in their pro-environment saving techniques. This is actually a step that was believed to be impossible or inappropriate by some radicals who believe that technology and environment cannot co-exist for the flourishing of one would mean destruction of the other.  Economic concerns which mainly involve the utilization of technology will definitely give wealth to a country if given overwhelming prioritization.

This scenario however will leave environmental concerns set aside. This seemed to look like an issue of black and white that we have to choose just one. Long term environmental concerns are said to be suppressed by short term economic gains.The concept of sustainable development however gives us the idea of development of the present without losing the ability to serve the needs of the future. This concept fuses business, society and environment in a kind of development which is making it interesting.

(Rowney, 2005)This is what I see in the case of Los Angeles. The efforts of saving and conserving their natural wealth and environment were pursued without having to choose one from the other or giving up something for something else. The case of Los Angeles as shown in the video somehow proves that Sustainable Development is possible. Appropriate technology, genuine concerns and efforts from the people would somehow keep protect our environment moreover to fight the current environmental challenges.To serve the unending needs and wants of humans several innovations, inventions and development really have change the face of earth through time. From simple to complex might be the most basic demonstration on what happened through the course of human history. Indeed people have gone far. Technology has given the old face of human activities with a kind of lifestyle that has captured efficiency and speed.

The changes brought about by modernization and technologies have impacted the lives of the people both negatively and positively. However the picture doesn’t end here for another important aspect of life is being affected by the “developments” reshaping the planet earth that is the earth itself.   Innovations, big or small always tend to have drawbacks and most of the time these downsides are left for the environment to suffer with.

Several studies are suggesting that human beings are going too far and that we are soon to face the limits. A lot of issues about humans exceeding the capacity of the environment are of course disturbing and are leaving some people to think about it. Though thinking about the ways on how people’s current lifestyles leave consequences to the environment is among the things to be thought about that is least expected to keep people busy. Indeed the everyday busy life of today’s existence has detoured peoples’ prioritization away from the most important consideration that is the concern for the environment.Threatened with earth’s destruction due to man’s activities people from different countries started to walk their talk about their genuine concern for the future of the home they live in. Among the efforts pushed through by people is the environmental concerns displayed by the Los Angeles concerned citizens.BibliographyRowney, A.

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Retrieved May 31, 2010, from Tree People Web Site: http://www.treepeople.org/who-we-arehttp://www.edenslostandfound.org/home/preview.php?id=220 


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