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It starts with the social and political history of sex education. From the involvement of an early form of sex education by social hygienists during the first sexual revolution through the 2nd and very unusual sexual revolution of the 60s, to the modern sex education approaches that we are in, and the politicized debates of today.

When we talk about sex in a classroom setting, there are different reactions we can get. Boys at the age of 11-15 will shout “wuhoo!” while the girls will say “eew”. Young adults will pretty much get excited and young ones will be very disgusted just with a single word which is sex. It is important for a person to be educated with everything about our life and our world and sex is one of them. But sexual education has to be taught to those kids at the right age. And what age would that be? There are many teenagers nowadays who are engaging with sexual relations whether we like it or not. That’s why they have to be educated for them to realize that sex is not just a pleasure but it comes with responsibility, morality and respect.Sexual education has been in the discussion for almost a century.

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They view sex education politically in 1913. It was been viewed by marriage minded and conservatives during the 1950’s and sexual and gender revolutions in the 1960’s. Sex education has come to an age where people really need to know more about the reality of it and the rights they have. It explores the suggestion and significance behind the struggle over sex education through the lives of parents.“Sexuality has long been denied its proper place among other human activities. It has often been shrouded in mystery and surrounded by taboos, or heralded far beyond its capacity to, by itself, contribute to the fullness of life (Bullough 1).

” Human sexuality grows more pleasurably as life becomes more significant. Its importance can be seen by coming across at its aid to improve the value of our way of life. It is important that we see from the history, the change in the position of sexuality.“We believe that human beings should have the right to express their sexual desires and enter into relationships as they see it as long as they do not harm others or interfere with those others’ right to sexual expression (Bullough 1).” Sexual rights are like human rights. They are universal and undeniable because they belong to everyone in the world.

They can be seen in cultural traditions and religious context. Most of all, sexual rights are frequently violated. Women experience sexual abuse or violence.

But what are these sexual rights? We have the right to say NO to violence, harassment, rape, discrimination, trafficking, forced marriage, and abuse. Before, the youth were refused to gain information about their bodies that’s why AIDS was pretty much an issue. Now, we also know our right to say YES to clarity, bodily integrity, choosing our partner, pleasure, a life without violence and abuse, autonomy, contraceptive options, safe abortion, and to have complete and honest information about our body, rights, and responsibilities.

“Life is much more complicated than the stereotypes suggest. It is absolutely the case that religion plays a role in the opposition to sex education, but not in the clean, unambiguous way that most people imagine (Luker 20).” Because of the teachings of the church in the old times, people look up and do what the church and the religious people tell them.

Religion plays a very big role in an individual’s life that’s why most people are greatly affected by what the church teaches them and what king of reality are we facing now. Sexual conservatives dotingly idealize the past while liberals are moderately optimistic regarding the scenario for a better future. Sexual conservatives are likely to remain to the idea of the divinely moved and moral conventions. Liberals have a vibrant view of morality that accepts the adjusting rules of moral demeanor to be conventional to the logically developing conditions. The fundamental description that sexual conservatives support is the abstinence until marriage, while sexual liberals support broader form of sex education.

“For the conservatives, sex outside marriage is wrong because the Bible says it is (Luker 136).” “The liberals, however, think that the question of sex before and outside of marriage comes down to facts (Luker 137)” the facts are those based in relevant information and reasoning rather than faith.With today’s generation, sexuality has come to an age and is progressing to make known of the rights and responsibilities of the people to the world and the world to the people and it needs to be developed. We need to limit the growth of the population and promote the effective use of contraceptives and the development of reproductive technology. Responsible sexuality should be view as an expression of intimacy for a man or a woman for enrichment and pleasure, releasing pressure even when procreation is not the main reason. Having a sense of fairness between sexes is viewed in morality.

Discrimination against women should be eliminated and so with sexism. Men have to be aware of the rights of the women, that women have the power over their own bodies and their own sexual expression. Each and every one of us, no matter what gender they may be, is given the right to equality as a person.“Every person has the right to receive sexual information and to consider accepting sexuality for pleasure as well as procreation (UN-WHO).”We have an obligation and right to be informed about the different aspect of sexuality. Those who are likely to be parents have the right and responsibility to prepare how many kids they want and the age gap of their future children. To right to use birth control is needed to be exercised.The morality of sexuality should be on the sense of selflessness and respect for others.

Mature people choose their own partners and the sexual expression that fits them. Sexual morality should be viewed as indissoluble part of morality in general and not as a special decree. Sexual values and acts should be assessed to know if they disturb or improve human fulfillment.Childhood sexuality is expressed through genital consciousness and discovery and it involves touching the part of the body.  It helps them to understand their own body and include sexuality as a part of their individuality. This is when we need them to be educated about sexuality.

Sex education covers all portions of sexuality including family planning, reproduction, body image, sexual orientation, pleasure, values, decision, dating, relationships, contraceptives, and the diseases people can acquire through sexual contact. It may be taught informally when you are having a talk with parents, friends, or through media. Formal sex education takes place on school or by healthcare providers. It is taught as a part of the school curriculum, others don’t because there are still debates and controversies on what age should a child receive such type of education because of its content. Young people need to exercise their right to sex education because it will help them to protect themselves against abuse, exploitation, unwanted pregnancies, and even with sexually transmitted diseases. The younger they are to know how life really works, the wiser they will be to make choices and prevent mistakes.

Sex education try to find a way to reduce the risk of negative results from sexual behavior like unwanted pregnancies and STDs for a better value of relationships. It helps people at a young age to make a choice over their whole being. Sex education helps young adults to be aware of pressures from other people and refuse to give in to hem. It helps them to convey themselves morally and socially in perception to sexuality and all its issues.People can encounter wide range of attitudes and beliefs in relation to sex and sexuality even at a young age. For most kids, it can be confusing.

Sex and sexuality are very sensitive issues. Educators have strong outlook on what attitudes people should have and what moral structure should direct people’s behavior. Having a balanced conversation on the different opinions helps them to explore and understand different cultural, moral and religious views. With these, people are utilizing sex education at an early age just before puberty and before they develop pattern of behaviors. The age depends on the physical, emotional, intellectual and level of understanding. It is important not to delay such information to provide foundation to more complex knowledge over time.

It can be difficult for adults to talk about this matter to children. But it is very important that parents and children have open relationship that gives them opportunities to ask questions freely and for children be aware.Overall, young adults and children who were about to reach puberty should be aware and be educated about sexuality and their rights and responsibilities that goes along with it. They should know their rights to have control over their own sexual purpose, and the need to respect the rights of others. The culture that makes its demands should also adjust to the needs and the significance of an individual’s freedom will help us to gain a loving and ideal sexuality. A mutual and creative attitude towards sexuality can have a deep importance personally and socially.

The social meaning can develop from the living feelings stimulated by a person who is experiencing equal contentment. The loving feelings of mental and physical well-being, the sense of achievement that we can have from freely articulated sexuality may well reach out to all humanity.


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