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I am of the opinion that whistleblowers should be treated properly by their peers, colleagues and by society in general. These kinds of individuals are courageous in the sense that they are brave enough to face the consequences of their actions and are not selfish to think only of themselves. It has often been said that humans cannot please everybody thus, there would always be someone who would not agree with us or who would have a different stand from us. This should not serve as a hindrance for people to do what they think is right for the good of a greater majority.

These whistleblowers are a class of their own because they could have just kept quiet about the things that they are privy to but then they refused to conform to what is being done.These people are principled individuals who cannot stand being just passive and be a witness to the harm being done. Instead, they take the road less traveled and risk everything to do what they think should be done.

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Whistleblowers should be applauded because they warn the authorities be it the government, management or officers of the wrong being done in order to prevent greater damage. In essence, they take the risk of being doubted with their credibility just to show that there are illegal acts being committed within a given organization and that they should do something about it. Thus, they tend to prevent bigger problems that could have transpired if not for their action of calling the attention of the right people to put an end to the evil being done. I also believe that if there were just enough brave people who had the courage to report to the authorities the illegal transactions being made by multi-million dollar companies, the global financial crisis would not have been this worse. It is not proper to put a stigma on these whistleblowers because they are just doing what is right for the good of all. These people should be treated with respect and should not be faulted for doing what is right.Reference:- U.

S. Office of Special Counsel. February 5, 2009. Whistleblower Disclosures. Retrieved on April 29, 2009 from http://www.osc.gov/wbdisc.htm. 


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