Who Should Help the Homeless

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Last updated: March 21, 2019

Part of living in a community is looking out for the welfare of its other inhabitants. Therefore, the problem of homelessness should concern all the members of society.

  Homelessness is an indicator of an individual status but of the society’s status as well. Homelessness should be considered as a factor in assessing a community’s economic status. For instance, the recession that hit the United States severely affected the housing sector badly. A report reveals that “from 2007 to 2008, suburban and rural areas throughout the country saw a nearly 34 percent in homeless individuals and an alarming 56 percent increase in homeless families” (Newman, 2009).

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Housing is a very basic necessity and if people cannot provide themselves with that, then it is highly likely that they are unable to provide themselves with other needs such as food and education.Many people are hesitant to help the homeless because they do not know how to help them, or if they should even help at all. It is absolutely understandable to be intimidated in helping because homelessness is not easy to address. Also, people will not easily trust a person during chance encounters asking for help.

The best institution to seek in this case is the government. It should be the government’s task to make things easier for both parties.  The government should inform the homeless of the various organizations and centers they can run to for aid and assistance. In addition to that, the government must raise the awareness of the people about homelessness and also create a venue for them to help address the issue. They must ensure those who want to help that their donations and services will go to the people who deserve it.

A single institution cannot handle a problem that affects multitudes so the government should also encourage other institutions such as colleges and non-governmental organizations to create aid and assistance programs for the homeless. If the awareness permeates even the smallest institutions, then citizens will be better integrated in the advocacy.ReferencesNewman, A.  (2009, September 8). “Homelessness Increases in Recession.

” Mollala Pioneer. Retrieved from http://www.molallapioneer.com/news/2009/September/08/Local.News/homelessness.increases.in.recession/news.aspx


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