Whom I Admire

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Last updated: June 21, 2019

We all admire someone for a role they play in our lives. I think that many people find it easier to choose their topic about an actress like Angelina Jolie or the packers Quarterback, Erin Peterson. But the woman I admire isn’t a multimillionaire or the world’s best chef; She isn’t even world famous.

I keep my admiration for my sister, Crystal. I love and respect her deeply because she didn’t base her life off of others opinions. I think of her as a leader and not a follower. If I was to consider her to be a follower, I probably would not have considered her so Dependable, supportive, and attentive.I don’t always show how much I love my sister by the way we treat each other at times. I admire the way she can admit to her mistakes even as a leader. And she often tells me that everyone are flawed, even our greatest heroes. Crystal is a person who doesn’t always need her voice to teach a lesson.

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Through her experience, I’ve observed what she doesn’t need to speak aloud. And I admire her even more for that. Crystal loves to hear her voice go against the crowd, much like I wish I could do.I wish I could say that my voice was as determined and confident as hers, but I’m still only taking those steps to the end of the road.

I often stop to look back in consideration, I’m glad that she’s always there to mutter the words that need to be heard; She’s more realistic than hopeful. There are relationships you have with others that can have an impact on how you act. And there are relationships where they give you guidance; Where admiration is a flooded emotion often used when your around him/her. Respect and leadership go together.

You can’t have one without the other. That’s my definition of who I admire.


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