Why Americans should be Cynical of Politicians

Americans do have a number of justifiable reasons to be cynical of politicians during the election process. For a start, politicians are rarely ever sincere about what they say on the campaign trail; most say anything just to get votes.

Many a time, they are unwilling or too complacent to follow up on their promises. Most of the time however, they are simply unable to carry out their promises; they hardly ever are in total control of all the elements – such as funding, legislation and government resources – required to execute their promises.Secondly, most politicians are virtual prisoners.

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They have too many obligations to third parties; some owe their positions partly to well-heeled individuals and corporations who propose them for political backing by powerful political parties and also fund their campaign operations. To all these parties, the legislator is required to pay back the favor by influencing legislation to be favorable to his/her benefactors’ interests. A lot of the time, these interests conflict with those of the majority that actually go to the ballot box and vote. In such cases, the politician is at loggerheads, and there is little guarantee that he’ll act in favor of the majority.An example is the health care debate in America that has been raging virtually since President Obama’s inauguration; while healthcare reform has been critical to restoring the health of the nation – both of citizens and the economy – the Republican Party has been heavily opposed without valid reason, presumably because they are financed by the big insurance and pharmaceuticals. Another example is the financial reform that is already heating up.

In some cases, the politician himself has deeply entrenched personal interests; former President Bush and his VP, Cheney, have major interests in firms (Black Water) contracted to carry out major operations and explore economic opportunities (Chevron Texaco) in Iraq, thus their support for the unpopular war there.



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