Why are you an ideal candidate for Diagnostic Ultrasound

I firmly believe that I would be a great candidate for your sonography program due to my excellent skills and experience. First of all, I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, which included engineering, physics, chemistry, and biology courses. I have always been interested in the human body and health care.

This program would provide me the opportunity to take my education to another level because it would present challenges that I would have to face and learn from. Sonography is a fascinating field and it would be truly satisfying professionally to know that the skills that I would learn from studying this field would prevent an illness to complicate further or prevent death.Another vital information about me that I know will be a contributing factor for me to become an excellent candidate in this program is my experience in the field of dentistry. For the last 20 years, I have been in the dental laboratory business and most of skills are self-taught. I know what it means to be motivated and dedicated because these are the things that helped me become successful in this field.

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Without motivation, dedication, and hard work, my business and I would not be able to survive in this industry especially with all the competition. While working at my orthodontic laboratory, I have acquired excellent manual dexterity, learned communication skills, and, of course, was able to master stress management.I am looking forward to learning an area of science that has some art connected to it, and I believe that I can find and experience this in Diagnostic Ultrasound. In the past, I have learned a keen affinity for seeing abnormalities in dental patients that I think I would be able to carry over to this field.

I know that I will be dedicated to learning not just to what the program has to offer but also from outside resources, which will enable me to pass the certification after taking this program.

Author: Wanda Howell


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