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Last updated: March 26, 2019

The Law Enforcement career is one of the few career fields that offer exciting opportunities for those aspiring to join (Wirths, 2001). This is actually of one of the fields that analysts believe will be flooded in the next five years as the demand for jobs in this field seems to have doubled over the past five years. There are many reasons therefore why I want a career in the field of Law Enforcement as discussed below.

As already mentioned this field not only offers exciting opportunities but is also fulfilling so that one enjoys what they do. With the introduction of technology in this field the experience once gains can only be simply described as one of a lifetime. The Law Enforcement field is made up of several jobs and is thus not as limiting as many professional fields. There is always something for every professional in the law enforcement field. Some of the fields in the law enforcement field include criminology, criminal justice, psychology, political science, social work, among many others (Wirths, 2001).A career in the law enforcement field is challenging. This is one of the main reasons why I would like to delve into this field because I love challenges.

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It is through these challenges that you gain great and impeccable experience and in turn you learn things that you would not have ordinarily learnt. A career in the law enforcement field gives one a chance to advance unlike some professional fields where you feel ‘static’ as far as your career concerned. In other words you feel that you are not making progress in a career which you probably started five years ago.One notable characteristic of careers in the law enforcement field is that there is stiff competition.

This enhances delivery of good services to the country and growth of an individual as they attempt to remain relevant in a highly competitive career. According to analysts this field is expected to grow in the coming years as more people continue to express their interest in joining this field. This means that in future the law enforcement field is likely to be one of the biggest employees in the country if the current trend is anything to go by (Wirths, 2001).Yet another reason I have given consideration to this career is the opportunity it gives one to serve the country. A close examination of many careers reveals that quite a number of them do not give one an opportunity to serve their country in as much as they would want. A career in this industry gives one this very opportunity and this gives one the satisfaction they desire.Finally one cannot fail to notice the good salaries offered in this industry.

It is perhaps due to the competition that characterizes this industry that the compensation in terms of salaries is also good. People in this industry are thus able to make progress career wise and in their lives too. In addition I have some of my family who are members of JCPD and JCFD. I have seen them grow in their careers and I am therefore certain that I making the right decision in taking up a career in the Law Enforcement Field.Reference:Wirths, C. (2001).

Choosing a Career in Law Enforcement, New York: The Rosen Publishing Group.


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