Why do I want to transfer?

Looking back, I see my personal and academic experiences as stages of growth that have helped me to understand my own potential and the road that I wish to take in life. My name is (insert your name here) and I am proud to say that I’m gay. This is one distinction that sets me apart from a regular student since I am trapped with a personality of diverse gender. My concept of diversity is that each person is unique in some way but they compose the majority of the group of people.

Being gay is one big social issue for me because I am in favor of having equal rights with people of the other sexes.While vast opportunities are before me, I feel that my true calling lies in the fascinating and challenging world of policy making and law. I want to address issues pertaining to gay marriage, gay related crimes, gay acceptance and many more. I want to be known as a professional who fights for gay right and address it politically on a federal basis in many states. I want to move out from where I am currently into and be at a more exposed and liberal environment. I want to freely express my points of view and be heard without restrictions.The law applies to all and for me these rights are subject to change over time.

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Based on my own experiences, my family and friends used to support my sexuality but then they are not fully acpeting it but instead, they are just tolerating me. I feel that this has to be changed. I believe that homosexuality should be supported because gay people deserve to be accepted nowadays.I used to study at SUNY stony brook where I interact with so many people everyday. I feel left out because the classroom is comprised of more than a hundred student and priorities were not given to me because I am just one person amidst the many.

Whenever we discuss something in class, I was not given any opportunity to recite regardless if the topic is about gay or not. The diversity of Stony brook made racial discrimination rampant. Students will just group themselves based on their races and those who are different will find themselves alone in one corner. I really feel bad about this plus the fact that the student body of Stony brook is not doing anything about the segregation of races.Having the opportunity to study in one prestigious school in California, I am looking forward to inspiring days of studies. My hope lies in the good environment where I will be freed from racial and sex discrimination.

I believe that I will be interacting with more liberal minded people and I will learn fresh and enticing ideas from them. I have spoken to the GLBT president/representative of this good institution (insert name here) and relayed my problems to him/her. I am confident that I would be accepted and I will be an important member in the said club.

I believe that attending classes at (insert name of school here) will surely ease the path towards reaching my goals. It offers wider academic opportunities and school resources that will deepen my expertise and broaden my perspectives. Highly motivated to succeed, I picture myself going to this school and learning so many things without exception. This university will make my ambitions more attainable since I will be completing my degree in a university which recruits the best, most responsible, and finest students. A prominent institution that does not look upon the student’s sexuality but on the potentials of becoming a successful alumni in the future.

Now that I realized what goal I wanted to pursue in life, I am working hard to succeed. I feel that this is the right time for me to take a major step towards my true goal. I also believe that all of my life experiences have been necessary to bring me to this point. I have self-discipline, enough determination, and the right mindset to take any challenge head on.

I also have the commitment to pursue and apply the knowledge and skills that (insert name of school here) will impart on me that will drive me through the years to come. I look forward to my future with great anticipation. I know that the time has finally come for me to realize my dreams and make them come true.    



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