Why do male sportsmen attract more attention then sports women

The topic of this research paper refers to an inequality that women sports women face in contrast to male sportsmen in reference to media, facilities, and the attendance of audience in both the national and international level games. The purpose of this data is to identify the problems that these women face, reasons behind these problems and the effects on the game due to these problems. The research paper will take up a scientific approach towards these problems with the help of a few statistics so that we can build hypothesis and findings in order to get to our research results.The reason why we need to emphasize this topic for a thorough discussion today is that females and males are racing towards equality in every walk of life, be it in academic institutions, corporate world or the world of sports, however, although there is hardly any game that the women are not playing, but they fail to attract as much audience and media attention as males do. Sports events are becoming major events world over that attracts audience and attendance of spectators from every walk of life, however the question that this paper seeks to answer is that why do sports women do not get the same attention although the rules and the game is same through out.

This paper also seeks to analyze the psychology of spectators and audience that attracts them towards male sports rather then female sport events. The aspect of psychology discussed in this paper would mostly concentrate on male audience as males constitute most of the audience that watches sporting events as compared to females who are comparatively less interested in sports (Hall, 1996).Lastly the discussion in this paper aims towards highlighting the difference that the solution to this problem will make for the good of promotion of female sporting events. Identification of problems and Discussions:Here are a few problems that sports women face in reference to deprived attention to their play as they are highlighted by many writers.First of all the reasons that tell us why male sportsmen attract more attention then females, here is the analysis of Jenn Morris, a former player and patron of a ladies corporate golf club, who holds that the reason why men et more attention then females is that men have a psyche to show their dominance towards women even in the field of sports as well. She believes that if male athlete is attractive, he will attract attention, whereas in case of a female, the only thing that gets her attention from the media and the audience are reasons beyond their athletic skills and are quite disgusting.

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She also adds that male league players are compensated very well and are look after for all their facilities and their promiscuity, however, as she finds it funny, that why are these promiscuities for women, when this word promiscuity is actually meant to refer to women. Lastly she thinks that sports should be a game between power, an entertainment by the show of skills, and it should not be targeted in terms of discrimination of sex!Moving on with another college undergrad of university of Pennsylvania, he provides the following statistics of the year 1999 (Messner, 2002).Airtime devoted to menAir time devoted to womenNeutral coverage88.2%8.

7%3.1%(Messner, 2002) As he compares these statistics from the previous years he found that the figures have not changed drastically and this is how females are deprived of media coverage. The writer provides many reasons for this discrimination in his literature.The first reason that this writer provides for this discrimination is that men enjoy sports more then women’s and they also celebrate the outcomes in their manly manner and this is the reason why most of the television consumers of sports channels are men.He believes unlike Jenn, that the viewers are neither sexist nor male chauvinists; however the media always gives attention to events that are higher in rating, exciting, thrilling, on going and not boring.

The writer does not means to degrade female sports, however this is to highlight that because of the nature of men, they want sports to be tough , harsh, competitive and the hardcore level however when we compare male sporting events with female sporting events, he found out that to men female sporting events were none other then boring. Though with respect to females, these events are competitive, however according to the writer and his research there is not much happening for men in female sporting events (Brownsmiller, 1984).Moreover moving on with his research he accepts that female athletes are also very competitive and skilful, however If you compare them with the best men athletes, how many women are there who will prove to be better then men? None. It is not women or sexism that makes men more dominant, but it is the nature of the business and sports where men can obviously and undoubtedly perform well due to their natural physical abilities.Moreover another writer raises another important fact about the women sporting events.

This writer puts forward the fact that apart from female soccer, basketball and tennis events, there are several other female sporting events as well which are only played by females like softball and lacrosse. As we have already established the fact that attention is given to those events which are rated highest by the viewers and also that it is the men who mostly subscribe for sports channel, these feminine sporting events do not find any attention from the male circle of life as they almost of no interest in less dangerous and slow games that they consider ‘gay’ watching these events.Conclusion:Although there are male viewers who do watch female sports just for the sake some disgusting motives assisted by some unethical camera work, however basing on the views of all the three writers that we have discussed in this paper, we can conclude that the reason for this low attention towards female sporting events and audience ship is the nature of the game and sports itself that give men a competitive edge over women for providing performances that are more interesting and aggressive to watch. We should understand that though some negative elements are present in our environment however they constitute no more then a very small percentage because most of the viewers who pay for the sports channel pay for the sake of sports not anything else.Yet, this does not mean that we should completely neglect women sporting events, WNBA, Wimbledon and similar championships attract almost as much attention as any other sports these days and these events should be covered really well.

Moreover as far as the unpopular events are concerned, a solid plan must devised in order to adjust them with other neutral sporting events where there is equal representation to both male and female sporting events.



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