Why do you do what you do

Health awareness is one of the advocacies, which has acclaimed center stage.  Many interest groups have started their causes for the promotion of health awareness and disease prevention.I believe that I am in a better situation to share my time and dedication for the promotion of health awareness and disease prevention to the people.

  The world needs as many volunteers as it possibly could have.  As a steward of my fellowmen, I have accepted to myself the voluntary obligation of looking after those who are deprived, oppressed, and defenseless.Promoting health is awareness is no business wherein you expect some returns at the end.  But like business, strategic applications are employed in order to reach a certain goal: increased people’s awareness about health and the minimization, if not total eradication of deadly diseases through health awareness.

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In this light, I am doing the best I can to be as productive as possible in the organization where I am so that I will be able to help in the collective effort to promote health awareness.I see myself as someone who had dedicated a large portion of my life promoting health awareness and disease prevention. Immersing myself unto the grassroots makes me feel that I am one with them.  Not only that I am teaching them the essential of health, I feel like I am with them, standing by their sides as they accept this newly-acquired knowledge from me.Needless to say, I am fulfilled.  I am very grateful that I am given the chance to share a portion of me to the people who are in need of my help.  What I am doing now proves what I have always believed in – that there is definitely more to life than just living.

Author: Nick Soto


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