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Last updated: March 26, 2019

There are a multitude of reasons as to why writing an effective paragraph leads to an effective essay.  Primarily is because effective writing would mean enthusiasm on the pert of the reader, regardless of the topic that would be discussed.  Non-repetitive and cohesive ideas would then lead to bringing the desired intent of the essay to its readers.

Paragraphs are a succession of sentences that intends to give sense or concrete information about a particular subject matter.  The basic structure of effective paragraphs contains central ideas and supporting ideas, this organization of sentences would guide the reader both in comprehending the main points of an essay and in transition of ideas.The central idea or thesis statement is the most commanding sentence for it gives an idea of what a particular essay is about, that would spark a great deal of interest to readers.  It typically discusses a general perspective of the subject matter to be tackled before going in to the main idea.

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  The topic sentence unifies all the ideas incorporated within a certain paragraph.Apart from the topic sentence, paragraphs also contain supporting sentences.  These sentences give life to a certain essay through a series of descriptions, examples, commentaries, and word illustrations about a general topic or theme.  This would lead to an effective essay because it tends to build up and support the main point.  In addition, supporting sentences would support and give life to the main idea the essay is trying to convey.The structure of an effective paragraph leads to an effective essay because it gives out the true sense of the ideas an essay intends to achieve.

  The organized nature together with the cohesive sentence construction and presentation of ideas will not cause confusion or disorientation throughout the essay’s progression.


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