Why I am Against Abortion

Every action that an individual do should be guided by justice and morality. In the event that a woman gets pregnant, she is given the freedom to rule over her body. The unborn fetus is claimed to be yet a part of the mother’s body, and not yet a distinct human being. In this way, it is argued, she has the right to terminate the life of the fetus, which constitutes abortion. But then I stand against this idea that woman has the authority to kill the life of the unborn.Abortion has been a growing issue worldwide and various campaigns against this are made. It is commonly defined as the removal of the fetus from the mother’s womb.

It is different from an accidental miscarriage since is a spontaneous expulsion (Riddle). Abortion on the other hand is an induced expulsion (Riddle).  The issue is that the fetus being taken out of the woman’s body is still a distinct human being. It is a big mistake to engage in this activity since it hampers the rights of the unborn child to live in this world.

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The fetus is already tortured before even seeing the world. Abortion is done by means of drinking certain drugs or through surgical process and piercing the uterus while still in the uterus (Thapa).The concept of the usual pro-life argument is that fetus cannot be considered only as a part of the mother’s body. The concept of Immanuel Kant regarding duty ethics can constitute the reason why I stand against abortion. Kant asserts the categorical imperative to test the moral content of actions. Thus, abortion in every sense of the word is deemed to be immoral because it is depriving the innocent from being born.Abortion can be akin to humans who act like animals. The philosophy of Edmund Burke states that “The only thing necessary for the triumph o evil is that good men do nothing” (qtd.

in Shapiro and Epstein 116). Letting abortion happened is like creating an animal world where everyone does nothing even if something bad is already seen.Records shows that abortion where as high as 42 million cases in 2003 and it reached 60, 000 in the year 2006 (Henshaw). Although the world and the people already knew about it and its consequences the ranging debate goes on and it is not yet resolved. Abortion should not be supported since it spreads out evil.

Human hood begins at the time of conception and it is not an excuse for mother’s to kill the life of their innocent child. The life of pregnant women should not be the sole concern when dealing with abortion. The life of the baby needs to be considered too. Life as early as the conception stage must already be protected. Terminating the life of the fetus makes abortion a form of murder (Robinson).Human right issue is always connected to abortion. The moral and ethical argument for me is that taking life of another person regardless of the age is morally unacceptable. It is against the moral obligation of respect to individual life and the unborn should also be recognized as someone who has life and it should be respected accordingly (Anderson).

There are multiple perspectives that made me convinced why I should stand against it involves medical, legal, philosophical, legal perspectives and so on. The claim of utilitarian ethics can also be connected to the concept of abortion. The greater good is the main point of utilitarian ethics and since abortion is a worldwide issue, the concept of greater happiness must always be considered. No one can guarantee that upon birth, happy life is already expected between the mother and the child.

Especially in the case of rape victims, they are subject to unwanted pregnancy and made them resort to abortion.The aforementioned situation stands as in conflict with utilitarian ethics. Greater happiness is not achieved because the fetus will be born as an unwanted child. However such reasons are not enough for one to commit abortion. There are endless possibilities on cases of rape victims. They can have their babies adopted by others to fully recover from their bad past. This way the greater happiness has been utilized because the child is happily born and was given the due right to live and the mother can start a new happy life.

In every society, there are intricate moral obligations that we all have to observe. Everyone is entitled of demonstrating respect for the unborn. Failing to do this terminates our moral duty. If we continue to kill those who are supposed to form the society in the future, then society would surely meet its downfall. A moral act is one that takes into account palpable evil, and uses the active will to overcome such. From this point of view being against abortion is the only moral standpoint.Negative physiological effects are also reasons why I am opposing abortion. There are complications that rest beside the procedure.

Abortions are often performed by unqualified people. Abortionist is really an illegal and unprofessional job for most societies. The lack of proper knowledge in performing the process will result to severe complications. Method of abortion used by women is detrimental to health and may lead to her death.

Improper sanitation of abortion clinics also causes possible infection which may affect future conception of the mother. Those who have an abortion may also have a higher chance of having an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and development of pelvic inflammatory disease in the future.Physical problems and bleeding are most often complications caused by abortion. It damages the uterus and the cervix making it hard for women to get pregnant again. It can also cause infertility caused by the impairment of some neighboring organs during pregnancy.

Cancer cells are also triggered by abortion. It is related to cervical, uterine and breast cancer (Anderson).The psychological effect of abortion can last for a life time. The emotional well being of woman is greatly affected by the process. It leads to negative feelings that make it hard for the woman to recover. These feelings include guilt, anxiety, sadness, anger, irritability and hopelessness.

It can lead to insanity because of thousand regrets after having abortion.Abortion is against the law of most countries. It is a fact that cannot be escaped because of the argument that abortion is the killing of a child. The fetus should be given the chance to live since innocence is attributed and it is not the child’s fault that he/she is conceived by the mother.Abortion is inhuman.

Most pregnant women find their selves caught between the need to terminate the life of the unborn and the fear of undergoing through the terrible act of abortion. There are underlying factors that haunt women who underwent abortion and regret it in the end. Most women are pressured by the partner or by their peers to undergo that act even when they don’t have the will to do so. The horror of the act and the image that is rewritten in their mind remains forever in their life. Many of those who undergo abortion are haunted by the memory of what they went through. Every time they see a child, they remember of what they lost. Even the strong-willed women who had an abortion were reported to be suffering from a lot of emotional upheavals.

I simply do not want abortion because I hate being traumatized. The feeling of guilt and depression cannot be easily diminished. The trauma of what you did can last a lifetime especially the mental, spiritual and emotional trauma.

Conservative tradition is also violated by abortion. The case of pre-marital sex that leads to unwanted pregnancy is one that I reject the most because it often leads to abortion. It is expected that marriage should go first before pregnancy to fully avoid cases of abortions.The growing population and low economy is never an excuse why people should be in favor of abortion.

Abortion is a crime. Anything that constitutes killing is against or in conflict with the rule of law or the Constitution. Taking away lives of children is a criminal offense. The situation is worsening when the pregnant woman is only on her teenage years.For teenage would-be mothers, abortion seems the most logical solution for unwanted pregnancies. This is a sad reality that is happening around the world. It is appalling to know that mothers ‘kill’ their own child and that these innocent lives never saw the light of day, the beauty of God’s creation.God’s gift is the best term to describe the baby.

Infants are god’s blessings that should not be taken for granted. Children have their own right and one of which is the right to be born. It is frustrating to learn that a child’s own flesh and blood do not recognize the right of their child to be born.

Women should realize the truth that they are lucky enough to conceive a child because it is a blessing that cannot be replace by any amount of money.I am against abortion because it is the moral obligation of parents to rear the child and stand up for the actions that lead to pregnancy. Being a coward is not encouraged when on found out that she is pregnant. There are many instances that abortion leads to continuous guilt feeling that ends up committing suicide. It is a manifestation of taking away two precious lives (the child and the mother) bestowed by the creator. It is also sad to know that those who committed abortion cannot even bear one in the future when they are ready to rear a child. The karma of abortion is felt when they are not given the chance to have a child  no matter how hard they pray for it or how much effort they make in having one.

Poverty is never an excuse to commit abortion. I am against abortion because I believe that having a child makes one rich. It s very difficult to understand that there are  cases of women who decides to have abortion when they are physically capable to support the child and work.

  Pregnancy is a long process and parents can still save for the upcoming baby. Selfish desires and sexual interest is never an excuse for abortion. No pregnancy is an accident except for rape cases. When one finds out that she is pregnant and considers it as devastation of dreams or plans or perhaps their psychological and emotional incapacity to support the child that is not enough reason to enables them to do the crime of abortion.

If these are the concerns they have in mind, then they should have thought of the consequences before they engaged in sex. They should have thought about their schooling or their work, their families, their own readiness, their future. But since it is too late to regret, the only way to deal with the problem is to face it, stand up for it, and be responsible. The child never asked to be born into this world. And if he or she did have a mouth to speak the moment he or she was conceived, then he or she will probably blame his or her parents for not being careful with their actions and thank them for not being born to such ruthless parents.As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of reasons why women consider going through abortion. More often than not, most of these reasons are the same ones that justify the legality of abortion.

The more popular reasons are rape, unplanned pregnancy, and incest. However, one must bear in mind that regardless of the seriousness of such reasons, they cannot be considered as sufficient in order to validate the deliberate disregard of the unborn child’s right to life.There are many arguments that support the case against abortion. All these arguments are based on supportive evidences which should not be ignored.  The right to live, the religious calls for the sanctity of human life, the scientific arguments and the medical arguments against abortion should all be given a fair hearing every time there is a debate on abortion. More importantly, it is a blatant disregard of the fundamental right of a child to live.

Regardless of how small this life is, it is still considered a life which must not only be protected, but also respected.

Author: Essie Norman


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