Why I Want a Wife

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Last updated: February 10, 2019

Having a wife definitely makes me complete; those TV commercials are partly accurate about that. The ABCDs of life cannot be spelled correctly because I only know half of the 26 letters of the English alphabet.

Translated: I feel so romantic I wanted to express that romanticism most of the time but they fall flat and fall short. Bland and tasteless almost, are adjectives that describe me when it comes to courting. I am shy and clumsy. But I can cook, want to cook for my lover and future kids. They can be assured of clean and crisp laundry every week, as well as reminders too that I need someone to assist me to go get the groceries every Saturday morning at the supermarket.I am looking forward to talking with her about her growing up years, her anxieties and pet peeves.

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My wife will be smothered with the warmth of my tender embrace at night and wake up to breakfast of hot chocolate and sweet mangoes and sticky rice. I am sure those are her favourites.She will enjoy the humour of my mom who will become her best friend for life.

Her children with blessed with the laughter and kind attention of a grandmother and uncles and aunts who will be equally fond of her, to be sure.Her friends will constantly say to her that she is indeed a blessed and fortunate wife to have a kindhearted, understanding and gentle handsome man who will be by her side till the greying of our hairs. She is an irresistible waif, whose inner strength and beauty match her beautiful and intelligent exterior. She is as tenacious as she can be in defending her man, and loyal to him through stormy days and bountiful times.I wanted my future wife to know that her garden will be fixed when my dog comes running to frighten the neighbour’s cat. Her flowers will bloom constantly as she sees our children grow well provided and cared for. She will reminisce to old times when the kids are all grown up and all we have are thick scrapbooks of photos of our family escapades.

This are all for the taking for my future lovely wife.


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