Why Is It Accurate To Think Of Each Human Being As The Owner Of A Library Of Ancient Information

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Last updated: March 20, 2019

Throughout the study of the development of mankind scientists, historians and archeologists have come across various proofs and evidences of the capability of man to record the events happening around him. The best evidence of this capability are the hieroglyphics found in the ancient Egyptian tombs that tell the historical story of their pharaoh’s lives as well as the struggles of the Egyptian people.Scientifically speaking, our genes, the DNA that makes up our whole system, is encoded with all the collected information of our ancestors. Whether we know it or not, we carry the knowledge of an ancient civilization within us. Ready for the picking or use at any time that it becomes necessary to do so. This can be clearly seen in the way our babies develop.

They are born without knowing any communication and survival skills and yet manage to convey their very needs using primitive skills that were first used by our early ancestors. I believe that if we stop and think about it for a while, we will realize that everything we are now as individuals and as a collective people stems from the ancient information that we all carry within us, though we do not consciously realize that we are using such information.We unconsciously carry ancient information within us. This most often comes to light when we are placed in situations wherein we are called upon to tap into an inner strength, knowledge, or skill that we never knew we had. In such cases, it is that ancient information that helps us deal with any situation facing us.

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