Why should you quit smoking

Smoking is a very dangerous habit. To quit smoking is a very courageous act having tremendous advantages. There aren’t only health related advantages but other psychological, social and environmental benefits of quitting cigarettes. There are estimations that half of the people who smoke, die of cigarette related issues. (K.

, 2009)A very captivating reason to quit smoking is that it saves a lot of money. The money is saved by not buying cigarettes as well as on health insurances. Smoking increases the risk of cancer, heart diseases, emphysema, psoriasis and many other horrific diseases (Valeri, 2010). In men, genitals are also affected and the child of a smoker may get genetically infected. Women smokers have a higher risk of miscarriages (K., 2009).

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By quitting smoking, the overall quality of like will greatly increase. You feel more controlled and are more energetic. Quitting smoking is a very hard job. You can be a role model as a determined person for your family and friends by quitting smoking. There is no fun in being guilty at hiding your weakness from your children. You would no longer be required to cut out from the crowd and sit in the ‘Smoker’s section’ in restaurants and parties. (K., 2009)Quitting smoking is a thing having no cons.

There are many arguments against quitting that people get fat, or food tastes better with smoking, etc. All these opinions are very diminutive as compared to the pros. Nothing is worth risking your own life and of the one’s you love. Quitting will take time, strong will power and determination. But we should always believe in ourselves and never get dependant on any habit.

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