Why social workers training should include a background in substance abuse counseling

Social workers are people who take part in the social activities of helping the mankind in every possible way. Social workers take the responsibility of the betterment of humanity by providing them resources and solving their problems. But one cannot become a social worker just like that; this field requires proper training in different areas of life. One of the most demanding and challenging areas of their training involves substance abuse counseling because their job involves working with and counseling people. Social workers aim to eradicate the social evils from the society especially the drug addiction among people.

They have to treat these people with patience and tenderness and counsel them properly so that they are no more addicted to drugs.They have to know the reasons behind their drug addiction which can be as a result of friends circle or some family crisis and then deal with them accordingly. Substance abuse counseling teaches social workers to be kind, generous, and sympathetic towards the people no matter what the problem they are facing. Having this background enables them to help mankind in a very cool, calm and supportive manner whether they are dealing with drug addiction or some other problem.

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It is not easy for drug addicted patients to leave this addiction in a short time therefore; substance abuse counseling teaches social workers to avoid feelings of anger or frustration and makes them persistent.Social workers should be trained in the area of substance abuse counseling because it explains them how to correctly deal with different kinds of people. They look forward to their problems relating to their families, friends or other personal problems with sympathy and compassion and try to understand them. There are substance abuse social workers whose main job is to help people with drug or alcohol abuse.

Dealing with people is never an easy job especially with drug abusers who do not tend to give up their habits easily. Therefore, it is necessary for social workers to have a training background in substance abuse counseling so that their job becomes simpler.REFERENCESCareer profiles, Substance Abuse Counselor: A Day in the Life. The Princeton Review, 



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