Why Video Games do not Cause Violence

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Last updated: April 2, 2019


Playstation. Xbox. These are the words that are probably most common to the children today not only in the US but in the whole world. For the past two decades, video games have been dominating the amusement scene and have put a huge effect on the lifestyle of the kids of this generation. Video games, in fact, have become a household necessity that 70% of all children in the United States have home video game systems and over four billion dollars is spent on arcade video games annually (Krish, 2006 page 14).Video games have been existing for thirty decades now. The phenomenally successful Pong game by the Atari Company started the video game craze in 1971. The swift advances in technology in the 1970s made difficult games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders easier.

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A lot of Pac-Man games were sold and has remained one of the most well-liked electronic games up to now. It is considered a classic in video-gaming.  Many computer games were produced when personal computers became accessible. Although unique games came out to the market, a lot of these games were variations of home or arcade video game systems. The omnipresence of personal computers led more companies to develop different games. The games generally have six types or categories, namely:  strategy, adventure, fighting and run, shooting, jump and avoid or RJA and simulations. Classic games like checkers, chess and bridge are included in Strategy games. A computerized adaptation of role-playing games of imaginations is what a player would experience in Adventure games.

Fighting type of video games let the players to fight with each other or a single player can battle with the computer. The all-time classics are Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. These two were even later on shown on the big screen. On the other hand, the player attempts to destroy the opponent’s planes, tanks and ships in shooting games.

Super Mario is the best example of the RJA games in which a character attempts to achieve a goal while being obstructed by a range of blockage and challengers. Simulations imitated real life conditions like driving or flying (Krish, 2006 page 5).Presently, there are thousands of games available worldwide. Movies are even turned into video games for publicity and satisfy the video-game addicts.

Latest release of a movie in video games is the classic Godfather movie. Of course, the theme of the game is to kill as much enemies as you want. Most video game players are boys so it is no surprise that the fighting games are most marketable just as toy guns were the favorite toys of the boys.Current studies, however, have inferred that video games can be harmful to children and can even cause the children to be violent.

Video games were even somewhat to be blamed for the recent crimes and killing committed by teens. However, media violence does not affect the youth because violent behavior is not observed after violent media exposure. Violent behavior can be blamed to several factors but to blame it solely on video games would be totally unfair. What about social factors? Don’t they take part in a more vital role in children’s behavior? Saying that video games cause violence is somewhat implying that geeks are violent people. Such hasty generalizations are unnecessary (Krish, 2006 page 14).A study conducted by a sociologist on the relationship of crimes committed among teens in a certain year when the hit game Doom was launched. It was dicovered that there was a reduction of homicide cases which involved teenagers since 1993, the year when Doom was introduced. Players were amazed with the original approach and forceful “first-person shooter” type, and parents feared it and similar games would teach kids how to kill (Cornell, 2006 page 114).

  Yes, media holds a strong power on consumers (be it good or bad) but the belief that video games promotes mass killing is just absurd.  People interested in playing these games increased as crime rates decreases. There is a big difference between playing video games and gunfiring in a campus. Video games, as a matter of fact, even make the kids stay stuck at home, avoiding all possible bad influences in the outside world (such as drugs, weapons, etc.). Thus, the decrease in crime rates involving kids.Fantasy and violence will always be, not only with the children, but to each and every one. And humans have expressed this fantasy through storytelling.

These games create ideas and build imaginations in the player’s mind but do not imply mass murder. A person who imagines himself flying in the air will appreciate the value of a broad imagination in games such as Superman and Lost Planet. Likewise, films like Grindhouse and liberating value of GTA will only be appreciated by a person who has thoughts of scary stuffs or of doing scary actions. These results of a wide imagination provide experience and awareness without compelling us to do what is wrong and inhumane. It’s just so sad that many do not understand these things.

These simulations are not rehearsals for real life so there is nothing to panic and nothing to write about negatively.Fantasy is very different from reality. Even though overlap might exist and the longing for some imaginations to be converted into reality is natural, Grand Theft Auto is almost certainly not the way of life that the majority of people would prefer regardless of the pleasure when playing the game.

The real sentiments and hurt is not the same as that of the game. People are simply not what they play (Cornell, 115).While a lot people think that arcade playing rewires our minds to perform bad and drastic actions, video games, as well as movies and books good communicated notion and are results of human perseverance to imporove the lives of the people. Games do not bring an individual’s dreadful intention into the physical world; these are for leisure and are not tools like weapons. They are insignificant mirrors of the true world and provide relief to numerous individuals who fear and do not understand real-life situations. Disturbed people already have violence in their systems and do not play games to learn violence.

Violent effects and animated pictures should not be blamed in this life that is too complicated. So please, stop blaming it on the video games. Instead, focus on the good things that it can bring to the children.


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