Why You Should Not Be Vegetarian

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Last updated: March 20, 2019

While it is difficult to find sound scientific or medical evidence to refute vegetarianism from the standpoint of health and body awareness, or even on ecological or environmental grounds, several important benefits can be reaped by including meat in one’s daily diet. The first and perhaps most important benefit is that of high-quality protein:  meat delivers essential amino acids and proteins that no vegetarian food can supply alone. Meat is also rich in iron and in vitamin B-12,  daily nutritional needs which are more difficult to fill via a vegetarian diet.While there are healthful aspects to meat-eating, there are also important social and cultural aspects to meat-eating. Since the culture we live in, as Americans, is a predominantly meat-eating culture, the choice to be become a vegetarian is in many ways a choice to stand against the cultural mainstream.

While everyone, of course, holds the right to choose their own diet and food choices, this truth applies equally to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.  For many vegetarians, the eating of animals represents a form of murder or ruthless killing of innocent animals. However, the other side of this argument is that the eating of meat allows for millions of people to enjoy a nutrient and protein rich diet which they would otherwise not enjoy.

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When one looks to comparative biology, it is easy to see that meat-eating is a natural part of the world we live in and that is natural for some species to prey upon other species. Because human beings are capable of organizing and refining their methods of meat-gathering, it is disingenuous to call one form of meat-eating “hunting” and another form “murder.”With the world’s population growing at a terrific rate, meat provides a plausible and much-needed avenue of food production which can help to bring an adequate diet to people all around the world. It is not only desirable, but necessary, for human beings as a species to continue to eat meat. The benefits of protein, phosphorous, B-12, iron, and other nutrients far outweighs any presumed moral or health objection to the consumption of meat.Further Points1) protein deficient societies often collapse or turn to warfare adn even ritualistic cannibalism (see aztec/mayan/incan histories)2) increasing world population creates danger of a food shortage while new tech in genetic engineering make sit easier to produce meat3) killing animals isn’t murder4) people are genetically designed to hunt, eat, and digest meat5) vegetarianism does not stop man’s reliance on domesticated animals5) benefits of meat


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