Why you want to work with Southwest Airline

Southwest Airline has always been my top choice for an aviation company, and I believe that my employment in the airline would lead to a mutual relations.  I know that I would do my best in the field that I am devoted to and motivated to work in, and therefore contribute in my small way to the development of the airline that I admire.  This in turn would help me develop and hone my skills, leading to personal and professional growth, which I believe is very possible with your company.

It has been a fervent desire since my childhood to be part of the aviation industry, as I have always been genuinely interested in how the industry works.  It was my childhood fascination to see how technological marvels have shaped our world.  Every time I board an airplane, I am awed at how the machine operates and how this transportation means is organized.

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  I realized then that I would want to take part in this industry that has fascinated and impressed me so.  I know that this is where my future lies, and even as a young child, I have often dreamed of being part of an aviation team.This longing is something that I kept and sustained as I grow up, as even now, I am indeed passionate about the industry as I hope to someday be part of it.  All my education and skill-building I devoted in hopes that I would be accepted by a reputable and respected industry player.  My being a Junior Cadet in the Hong Kong Air Cadet Association has in fact made me realize more my interest in the industry and has solidified my intention to pursue a career in the field.   I have always tried to develop my social skills and communication capabilities because I know that these are the values that are essential to be an effective aviation employee.

  Being fluent in 3 languages and having had a modest but notable academic and extra-curricular achievement, I know that I am fit to be part of Southwest Airlines.  I believe that professional development can only be attained if one is truly and sincerely interested and motivated to work in the field that they are in.  My genuine interest and desire to be part of Southwest Airlines would work in my favor, as I would continually push myself to excel in what I do.  Sincerely, I could not imagine myself in a field other than aviation, and I could not find a more conducive working environment like what Southwest Airlines provides, which is why I am hopeful that I can be given a chance to develop and grow, and in return, I would try to be as excellent as I can be.Working with Southwest Airline would sharpen my technical capabilities and skills, and would serve as an extended education for me.       Aside from my personal growth with Southwest Airline, I know that I can contribute also the company.

  As a childhood dream, I would do anything to have this long-term career with Southwest Airlines.I know that the key to working success of the individual and the company can only be attained if the growth is not one-way, but mutual.  Working in Southwest Airlines would definitely refine my skills and contribute to me boundless knowledge that would hone and shape my expertise.

  I would grow professionally and personally with your esteemed airline, which is a very important consideration.  I would, in return, have excellence as my goal, and guided my background and motivation; I know that the company would not regret my presence and contribution to its over-all development.   In addition, my fascination and enthusiasm with your company would contribute to my positive output, as efficiency if also determined by how healthy the working environment is; I am definite that my genuine desire to work with Southwest Airline would be one of the things that would contribute to the success in what I do.

Author: Verna Conner


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