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1) what are your impressions of Wilhelm?My first impression with Wilhelm is that he is a very true friend, because Werther rather had a correspondence with him instead of his mother. In fact, he never addresses his mother directly, instead speaking to her through Wilhelm found in page 23, last paragraph or the 2nd paragraph) “Please tell my mother that I am doing my best to straighten out her affairs and will give her news of them as soon as I can”.2) although he doesn’t speak for himself in Werther, he is a constant presence simple in being addressed. what is Wilhelm like?Wilhelm and Werther are best friends as written in Werthers letter on May 4th stating “Dear friend, how strange is the human heart! I love you, we were inseparable – yet I can leave you and be content” (as seen in page 23, 1st paragraph ).  Wilhelm is like Werther’s living pen pal.  With this, Wilhelm becomes a very important role in the novel since he is being updated of what’s happening with Werther and even let his mother and relatives know his condition while he was away. Wilhelm’s character is a sober and sensible fellow.

He takes note of what Werther wrote to him about his love for a woman, “What is the world to our hearts without love, dear Wilhelm?” (pg. 54, first paragraph)3) who else in the novel is like him `Wilhelm` ?Albert, the fiancé of Charlotte is like Wilhelm in the novel. He is also a sober, and a responsible man-“Watch out that you don’t fall in love with her?” I wanted to know. “Because she is engaged, “ my partner explained, “ to a very worthy man who is away just now on business. His father died and he has to attend the settlement of a quite considerable state. (pg.

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35)Paragraph 4. Albert is also a sensible like Wilhelm. Having an interaction with someone who really needs your companion, Wilhelm shows in the novel that he is indeed a sensible man.


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