How William Shakespeare Makes Act 1 Scene 5 Dramatically Effective.=

How William Shakespeare makes act 1 scene 5 dramatically effective. The Tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet was written by the world famous William Shakespeare in 1595 ,it is an all time famous love story . In this essay I will be focusing on how William Shakespeare make act 1 scene 5 dramatically effective.

William Shakespeare has based many plays in Verona, Italy and Romeo and Juliet was one of them , he was a well known author and his plays were very famous . He was influenced by group troubles in Italy at the time and also inspired by culture and tradition which gave him the idea of writing this play.The play is a romantic tragedy about two star-crossed lovers who fall deeply in love with each other despite being from opposing families; Romeo belongs to the family of Montague’s and Juliet belongs to the family of Capulet’s. The conflict between these two families is the major in the play which will result in both lover’s death and Romeo and Juliet’s death was fate, “The fearful passage of their death-marked love”, At the start of the play, the audience sees a prologue (rhyming sonnet), which tells us general outline of play which informs the reader how the story is going to end in tragedy.The play is filled with lots of emotions. The use of the prologue at the start of the play creates a dramatic scene for the audience, because they already know what is going to happen, it also keeps the audience interested in watching the play to see how the two lovers die at the end and what will happen to the family feud. The story of Romeo and Juliet was written in the Elizabethan era.

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Plays written then and now are very different. For example, the marriage between a 14 year old girl and a 17 year old boy would have been accepted where as now it is illegal and unacceptable.During the Elizabethan era women didn’t have as much freedom. It was common during those times for the daughter to be owned by her father until she got married, she would then becomes property of her husband.

Now women have a lot more freedom and rights. In Romeo and Juliet, audiences during the Elizabethan times would have been shocked at Juliet disobeying her family, where as in modern times this would not have shocked the audience because these acts are becoming very common now.Two of the plays main themes are love and hate, these are two common themes that are still relevant today and in Act 1 Scene 5 both of these themes can be found, joint to make an effective piece of drama, these are represented by the love between Romeo and Juliet and the outgoing conflict between Montague’s and Capulet’s . This play shows two lovers doing everything they could to be together regardless of their family feud and hatred towards each other. William Shakespeare has used imagery by alternating between light and dark often assorted with day and night, light described as strong love and dark as family hatred and conflict.For example at the ball scene which takes place in act 1 scene 5, Romeo and Juliet speak of saints worshiping at the temple; Romeo at the balcony spoke about the image of sun and moon. Symbols were also used in this play; the sword represented the symbol of violence.

The poison represented the symbol of death. And the ‘holy palmer’s kiss’ the symbol of their love. William Shakespeare has set his play out in five stages to make this play dramatically effective . It starts with the introduction goes on to rising action then climax ,falling action then ends with conclusion.In the introduction Tybalt and Benvolio fight with their swords but the arrival of Prince Escalus stops them. He warns them that if the two families do not stop fighting, they will pay with their lives, this warning is a preparation for the tragic climax, and in this scene the theme conflict was used because of hatred (1, 1). In Rising action, Romeo catches sight of Juliet at Capulet’s party and immediately is in love with her.

Tybalt, the rival, hearing his voice, recognizes him and is angry that a Montague should dare attend a Capulet ball party; this is the motive to the problem of the feud action (1, 5).In climax Mercutio and Tybalt have battle against each other meanwhile Romeo and Benvolio try to stop them , Mercutio gets stabbed by Tybalt and dies , Romeo seeks revenge and kills Tybalt , Romeo gets banished from Verona by the prince (3, 1). Falling action Juliet pretending to agree to marry Paris, then takes poison to look dead for 42 hours so it avoids marrying him and also the symbol of poison was used in this scene (4, 2). In the conclusion Paris tries to stop Romeo touching Juliet’s tomb and fights with him as the result Paris dies, Romeo sees Juliet dead and he kills himself, when Juliet wakes up she kills herself too.Act 1 Scene 5 is important because it is the rising action and the importance of it is to build up to the point of greatest interest.

This Act is very important to the play as it is linked to the introduction and conclusion. In the introduction Romeo breaks the peace treaty and turns up in Capulet’s ball and fall in love with Juliet and Tybalt ask for revenge and the conclusion because Juliet falls in love with Romeo a boy from rival family. She takes poison to prevent her from marrying Paris. When Romeo hears this he also takes poison and it kills him. When Juliet wakes up she finds out that Romeo is dead so she also commits suicide.So it ends in their unfortunate deaths. Throughout the play Shakespeare show love in an evil, emotional and powerful way.

But in Act One Scene 5, we see Shakespeare’s language change, where he captures the love between Romeo & Juliet. Act 1 scene 5 is important and William Shakespeare has made it dramatically effective through his use of form, structure and language techniques. Before Romeo and Juliet meets audience are aware Romeo is Montague and Juliet is a Capulet, this adds the scene being so dramatically effective because this is the part when the fatal couple Romeo and Juliet met and they fell in love instantly.

He forgets about Rosaline- who he was deeply in love at the beginning of act 1 scene 5. This scene includes pleasant speech of Capulet, romantic speech of Romeo and hatred, harness speech of Tybalt, direct contrast with that of Romeo and drama when two lovers meet. At the start of Act 1 scene 5, servants are clearing up the tables for the party. “Away with the joint-stools: remove the curt-cupboard: look to the plate. Good thou.

Save me a piece of Marchpane and as thou loves me, let the porter let in Susan Grindstone and Nell”.The servants in Capulet’s ball are helping each other out by taking food and cleaning tables this show that the lower class as they are servants and helping out. In Elizabethan times a ball like this was one of the best ways to show how much of wealth they owned.

Shakespeare’s audience would have been expecting an extravagant party with music, dancing and so would of Capulet’s guests, so Capulet is trying hard to get his party going and to make sure the party runs smoothly with no disruptions. One of the ways Shakespeare makes this scene dramatically effective is by using Capulet’s speech at the ball “welcome gentlemen.I have seen the day that I have worn a visor and tell a whispering tale in fair lady’s ears” he says it rather jokingly tells all to enjoy the night and dance to the music.

This speech is important as it lets the audience know and that this night is a happy and joyous event. Capulet be happy when they are with their own people, this adds to the dramatic effectiveness of the scene because audience is now more aware of the great worry that is waiting to explode between the Capulet and Montague. This joyous occasion is also of harsh contrast to the fighting at the beginning of the play.

Shakespeare creates imagery to create calm atmosphere in Act 1 Scene 5 the ball scene by adding music whilst they dance. “You are welcome, gentlemen. Come, musicians play. A hall, a hall; give room, and foot it girls”. During the dancing at the Capulet’s ball party, Romeo searching for his love Rosaline catches the sight of Juliet who his friend Benvolio has promised to show him, Romeo immediately falls in love with her and starts a conversation with Capulet house servant about Juliet. His speech about Juliet is in a different form of writing than the rest of the scene. This tells the audience that Romeo is very attracted by Juliet’s beauty.The audience sees a rhyme in this verse.

“O she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon cheek of night as a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear, Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear” William Shakespeare use of rhyme makes the scene dramatically effective because the audience can see the contrast between prose and poetry that is used in the text which helps to emphasize important parts of the play. And this use of rhyme and contrast makes the scene effective because it stands out to the audience, therefore making the audience more interested in the play and also the use of rhyme shows how much Romeo loves Juliet.The use of metaphors has also made the scene dramatically effective. For example “O she doth teach the torches to burn bright”, this tells the audience that Romeo is in love with Juliet’s beauty that he starts to compare her with brightness of light meaning she is very beautiful. It was important for Romeo to say this because to let the audience aware of Juliet’s beauty openly. When Romeo sees Juliet he forgets about Rosaline who he loved earlier in the scene and starts to compare her with Juliet by saying “so shows a snowy dove trooping with crows “.He is saying here that Juliet stands out from all the other women as a dove would stand out from crows.

This has made this scene dramatically effective by Romeo saying Juliet is a snowy dove trooping with crows meaning other lady who are not as beautiful and important to him which also include Rosaline. Also he immediately tells apart his feelings for Juliet from those he had for Rosaline: “Did my heart love till now? ” He is saying here that what he feels for Juliet is greater than he felt for Rosaline. It is like he didn’t love Rosaline at all compared to Juliet now.

Shakespeare creates this scene dramatically effective by introducing the speech of Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt. Tybalt speech is strong and hateful towards Romeo, as he is now aware that there is one, if not more Montague present. “Make my flesh tremble in their different greeting” Tybalt says this quote because Montague’s makes his whole body shiver, he does not like the idea of Montague’s and Capulet’s contacting each other.

Shakespeare tells us that the hate and enmity, possessed between Romeo and Tybalt is very strong and generally the drama and conflict between Capulet and Montague is very dramatically effective.Tybalt speech was used to show the hatred and conflict between Capulet and Montague also to use the theme of hate. “And to say truth, Verona brags of him, to be a virtuous and well-govern’d youth. ” Capulet’s response to Tybalt is to say that he has heard only good things about Romeo so the party must go on. More time for more drama is allowed with no disruption of the party, therefore the loving meeting of Romeo and Juliet is allowed to take place.

The audience is now being aware to both the major themes in this scene, love and hate.Capulet tells Tybalt in no unsure conditions that there will be no fighting under his roof. The speech between Romeo and Juliet is the most important speech of the whole play. Romeo starts by saying that Juliet hand is like a holy place and his hand is unworthy in this speech “If I profane with my unworthiest hand, this holy shrine, the gentle fine is this…” This could suggest that Romeo is thinking that Juliet is too good for him but also the fact that he compares Juliet’s hand to a holy place. The language used by Shakespeare in this scene brilliantly describes the deep passion that Romeo and Juliet have for one another.Romeo uses religious symbolism to persuade Juliet to kiss him after only a few sentences have been exchanged, then in speech “O dear saint, let lips do what hands do, they pray, grant thou, less faith turn to despair” saying that if Juliet does not agree to kiss Romeo then she will be going against her duties as a saint. Romeo says that the love between him and Juliet is almost God like. When Romeo finally does kiss, Juliet says that she has received the sin that Romeo has washed out from himself and then Romeo amusingly replies “Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again.

He says that because he must take back the sin and kisses Juliet for a second time. Shakespeare creates more effective drama by including both of them common sonnet to show an instant link and immediate love to each other, scripting the first words, followed then by a kiss, between Romeo and Juliet. Romeo first suggests that he is unworthy of Juliet’s beauty and that to kiss would be a minor sin. By using loving conversation, Shakespeare is able to once again express the feelings of Romeo towards Juliet.

Shakespeare added the kiss of Romeo and Juliet, to increase the drama and passion but also to represent a theme of love.In conclusion I now say that this scene is Dramatic in many ways by adding Capulet’s speech, Romeo’s speech and Tybalt speech which was full of hatred, I believe it’s the most important scene of the play and it very dramatic and engages the audience by showing deeply passionate love of Romeo towards Juliet and in this scene that’s when two lovers meet and fall in love. Shakespeare used two key themes in this scene which are love and hate and these themes are still relevant today because people fall in love everyday, there are still families who dislike and argue over each other, this becomes a conflict between families.


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