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In the year 1913, Wilson Sporting Goods was only just a subcompany of the Ashland Manufacturing Company who is responsible for discovering different distinct ways of utilizing byproducts from a slaughterhouse of a meat-packing industry that is just nearby and under the ownership of Schwarzchild and Sulzberger. The year 1914 came in and the company was already manufacturing strings from violins and from tennis rackets, surgical sutures and later on with tennis rackets and also baseball shoes. After one year, Thomas E. Wilson was appointed president by the company but nothing unusual happened. Until one more year came, when Wilson have realized that manufacturing sporting goods is a big potential, he separated with the mother company of Schwarzchild and Sulzberger. From then on, he started focusing on producing goods for sports and athletics and running a solo company under his own name.After establishing a good company name, he did not just stop there and just went with the flow. He explored more possibilities and opportunities by expanding its operations.

He began by inviting two companies to be a part of his starting company, the Caddie Bag Company and the Hetzinger Knitting Mills. The Caddie Bag Company was a former manufacturer of luggage products but afterwards, the company settled for producing golf bags alone. The Hetzinger Knitting Mills’ purpose for the Wilson Company is the production of athletic uniforms that are made of high-quality materials. Goods for other sports, like football and basketball, became a part of the rising company. The year 1917 came in and the company included helmets of football and golf clubs.

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Thomas E. Wilson left the company a year later but that did not give any disturbance to the production. As 1918 ended, the sales were able to reach the mark of $1million, a very large amount considering that the company was just established only for a short time.In 1920, the company got hold of Chicago Sports Good Company, concerned with uniform productions. They have agreed upon that they will be the sole equipment supplier for the baseball team of Chicago Cubs.

The Wilson Company hired the famous craftsmen in the industry and one of them is Arch Turner. Turner was considered to be legendary because of his unique leather designs for the sports football and which really had a big influence on the game. In 1920s, the company was at its most successful decade. The Ray Schalk catchet’s mit was introduced by the company in the year 1922.

It was also in that year when the inclusion of athletes in the advisory staff was started. Gene Sarazen, a popular professional golfer became the pioneer to the staff.Among the line of the athletic staffs, Knute Rockne, a coach of Notre Dame football, was the most powerful of them all. In that moment, the setting of standards began when it comes to some features of the baseball industry such as the comfort, design, and the padding style. Rockne was able to become partners with Wilson in producing the football’s leather that is double-lined and the very first football that can be inflated with valve.

Through these two accomplishments helped Rockne in the development of what is today’s football playing, the passing game. Moreover, they were also the ones who came up with waistline pants with removable pads for the football players’ free movements.In improving the other sports areas, Wilson was able to come up with cardboard tube for the packaging of the tennis balls. In 1931, a plane crash led to the death of Rockne.

This eventually made Wilson established a partnership with the coach of the football team at the University of Nebraska, Dana X. Bible. But eventhough this led to the production of football pads and helmets, their partnership was still not able to be of the same level with that of Rockne.

With this at stake, it led the management of the company to settle with the sports golf. The Wilson Company was able to create in 1932 the R-90, a golf club that is sand-wedge type out of the inspiration of the victory of Sarazen during the British Open at that year. The production of that specific golf club made about 50,000 sales. In 1933, they came up with what is called the “perimeter weighting”, a design of the future that entails the distribution of the club’s toe to its head. Four years later, Wilson included Sam Sneed as one of the members of the advisory committee. In that same year, Wilson brought into the industry the name of Blue Ridge Golf Clubs. Its name came from the region of Virginia, the birthplace of Sneed. Another 2 years came in, Wilson was able to introduce a new line of golf clubs.

When World War II came, it did not hinder Wilson in exploring and producing more sport goods. During the war years, he was still able to introduce the Wilson Duke football. This type of football features a lot such as having the best leather, triple lining, hand-sewn ends and seams that are lock-stitched. This eventually was used as the official ball of the National Football League. Wilson’s manufacturing was really affected by the war since most of the facilities of the companies were being used for manufacturing war stuffs such as tents, bags, helmets. In 1945 when the war stopped, the company started to find more rooms for expansion.

Ted Williams, who contributed so much in the upscaling of Wilson’s line of baseball products, also became a part of the advisory committee. Wilson Company, as it continuously reaches the 21st century, never stopped in expanding its expertise and in becoming the best producer of sporting goods in a global aspect (Net Industries, LLC., 2007).

In the article written by Blaire Stephens (2007), he stated that the company of Wilson Sporting Goods, when it comes to the sports tennis, started with who is very popular today as the “Father of Modern Tennis,” Jack Kramer when he joined the company as one of the advisory staff. But who is Jack Kramer to elevate such applause in the tennis history? Dating back in the year 1940, he has proved his worth to be considered as the number one professional tennis player worldwide. He maintained his status for years.

He also became the sole promoter of the professional tennis tour. In the year 1949, the racket with the autograph of Kramer was produced when he established a partnership with a tennis manufacturer. This happening, the tennis racket becoming famous, immediately brought the Wilson Company in greater heights of tennis industry.

 The tennis racket per se was perfectly crafted with the latest modern technology and was built up by the finest quality materials. Nowadays, a lot has already been developed leading to the use of tennis rackets linked with the professional players are considered to be ordinary.Wilson Tennis Racquets are among the top liners in the tennis industry.

In its fast track development, the company has come up with the latest K-factor technology, the Wilson [K]blade Tour. This type of racquet is very powerful when it comes to precision among the [K]blade family of Wilson tennis racquets. The head size is just small but that is not a big deal at all for it size gives its player a comfortable feel enabling him to achieve a 100% win. This is the choice of racquet by Novak Djokovic, the 2008 first winner of Grand Slam and a champion of the Australian Open.

When compared to the choice of racquet by Roger Fererer which is the Wilson [K]Six-One 90, the latter has more power and can easily be maneuvered during the play and tournaments. These two great features are coming from three unique elements that cannot be found in other tennis racquets. First, its head size has an additional 3 square inches (making the [K]Blade 93 sq. in. and the  [K]Six-One 90 only 90 sq. in. Second, the [K]Blade has a lighter weight than the [K]Six-One 90 (11.8 oz strung weight compared to that12.

5 oz). And third, its head has a lighter balance (head light of 8pts than that of 9pts). In addition, its string bed with a dimension of 18x 20 that is tight, it still is flexible enough to throw service from the base line and make some volleys without having your wrists and arms get strained so much.When it comes to shots that are off-centered, it performs very stable and immovable. The [K]Blade Tour has undergone a lot of tests already and it has considered to be the most versatile tennis racquet because of the incredible features it share with its owner-player. Control is absolutely within the players hand movements, strategies and styles in playing. [K]Blade has been released with two models, the 93 and the 98, with the latter being the latest.

The [K]Blade 98 uses a technology called the [K]arophite Black technology where it integrates with more bonds in its graphite molecules and Silicon Oxide, resulting to a more powerful yet immovable racquet. It also uses the [K]onnector. This refers to a pair of outer wings formed on each hoop side for a more absorbable impact of the ball into the racquet which provides a more controllable play.

Aside from Novak Djokovic, this was also used by Dmitry Tursonov, a Russian professional tennis player (Merchant of Tennis, 2008).In striving for excellence and playing satisfaction, Wilson Company has never failed any player especially in the field of tennis. Users of Wilson tennis racquets, such as the number 1 in world competition, Justin Henin with other pro tennis players like Djokovic, Federed, Williams, Davenport and  Henri-Mathieu, have all made the right choice especially in dealing with the latest [K]Factor racquet series. In the Grand Slam, a total of 7 wins out of 8 games single titles is a huge success not only to the player themselves but most to the Wilson Company (RSI news, 2008). 


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