Windows or Mac

In a world powered by dynamic technology, computers play a great part in our everyday lives.

From businesses up to your homework, computers have its purpose. Computers run via an operating system, commonly known as OS. Unlike primitive computer which uses codes to operate, OS gives users the luxury of doing task without using codes. The OS already provided the code, all you need to do is execute.Two of the leading OS available in the market, Windows and Macintosh compete to gain their respective market shares. In terms of utility, performance and design, which of these performs better?Windows, which is created by Microsoft, has the biggest market share in the OS industry. It is affordable because of the high demands on the market.

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Windows OS is most likely to be used in businesses because it offers a customizable interface. Most of the software programs on the market runs smoothly on Windows. Windows OS is very flexible and can be used in any desktops or laptop. It also allows users to multitask and execute several programs at a time. However, a user requires to purchase an antivirus along with the OS. Windows OS easily gets virus and needs constant software updates.Macintosh, also known as Mac, is produced by Apple.

Mac is known for its multimedia enhanced interface. The Mac OS integrates powerful graphics and audio enhancement. Mac OS are impregnable from viruses as well as malwares. It does not need constant maintenance. However, Mac OS is only dedicated for Apple laptops, and it is rather expensive. Mac OS has some compatibility issues with softwares on the market, so Apple provided a new set of softwares dedicated to their OS. Sadly, some of this software is not part of the package and are sold separately.Both OS has their advantages and disadvantages.

Windows OS may be affordable, but constant maintenance may prove it to be cost inefficient. Mac OS, on the other hand, might be an obstacle for commercial industry due to the software incompatibility issues it has.If I would be asked for my choice, I would choose the Windows OS. Even Apple agreed to allow their user run Windows OS on their system.

Windows OS provides flexibility to its users. It covers a wide range of customization to address its users needs. Numerous software programs are available on the market, and are solely used for Windows. Windows OS may be vulnerable to viruses, but Microsoft offers constant software updates for their users, free of charge.

Microsoft has a great support team for Windows OS users. Windows OS is efficient. References:Markoff, J. (2008, April 6).

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