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Last updated: February 24, 2019

This article supports a theory that explains the advantages of Windows Vista operating system.

Windows Vista is an operating system introduced by the Microsoft. We will see the different editions of Windows Vista operating system for different users. We will also see the specifications of these editions. The advantages of Windows Vista operating system over Windows XP operating system is the main point of this paper. We will see these advantages in this paper.Windows Vista is an “operating systems”, which was developed by Microsoft.

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Windows Vista was released on 30 January, 2007 at world level by Microsoft. It can be downloaded from official website of Microsoft. Windows Vista was the successor of Windows XP.Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Ultimate are the six editions of Windows Vista.

All the editions are “32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) processor architectures”. Only Windows Vista Starter is different from all other editions. It supports only 32-bit architectures. There are some limitations in Windows Vista Starter. One user can launch only three applications with a user-interface. 1 GB is the limit of physical-memory in Windows Vista Starter.

Windows Vista Home Basic is similar to Windows XP Home Edition, but Windows Vista Home Basic edition has some advantages over Windows XP Home Edition. Windows Vista Home Basic edition has “Windows Firewall, parental controls, Safety Centre, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, and more functions.” Windows Vista Home Premium edition contains some extra features than Windows Vista Home Basic edition. “Mobile and tablet PCs, network projectors, touch screens, and auxiliary displays” are supported by this edition of Windows Vista. Windows Vista Business edition was made for “business-market”. “IIS web-server, fax support, Rights Management Services (RMS) client, file-system encryption, dual-processor (two sockets) support, system-image backup and recovery, off-line file support, a full version of Remote Desktop that supports incoming connections and ad-hoc P2P collaboration capabilities” are the some features of Windows Vista Business edition.

“Enterprise segment of the market” is the main target of Windows Vista Enterprise edition.  It has all the features of Windows Vista Business edition. It has some additional features such as “support for Multilingual User Interface (MUI) packages, BitLocker Drive Encryption, and UNIX application-support”. Windows Vista Ultimate edition contains all the features of Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Enterprise editions.

It has some other ultimate features also. (Windows Vista editions, 2008)Feature of Windows Vista is a “set of programs”. These features can not de removed from the hard disk. When you will try to remove a feature of Windows Vista, then instead of removing it will only disable. Administrator can only enable or disable the features of Windows Vista.

Speed can be increased by disabling a feature of Windows Vista. (Windows Vista Feature Guide, 2007)Advantages of Windows Vista over XPWindows Vista is the advanced version of windows XP. It has many advantages over windows XP. The main advantages are-“Improved Graphical User Interface, the Aero”:Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Windows Vista is new. “Appearance of window, desktop, start button, start menu, and taskbar” got a new look in Windows Vista. “Minimize, maximize and the close buttons” in Windows Vista have a new look.

When a new Aero is applied, Windows Vista can be made “translucent, 3D modes”.  For giving a new look to start button the word start was removed by the designers. Instead of start word a logo was placed there.

Side bar on the desktop is also a significant change made the Microsoft. This side bar shows “a clock, a calendar, a currency exchange and some of the widgets”. Widgets are like shortcuts. (Advantage Windows Vista, 2008, para. 2)This interface is the major difference between Vista and XP. This interface of Windows Vista is “more attractive and eye-catching”. On installing Windows Vista AERO, “you will get a transparent, cleaner and impressive interface plus Live Icons and the latest Windows Flip 3D feature”.

(Benefits of Windows Vista over Windows XP, 2008, para. 5)Windows Vista’s AERO “stands for authentic, energetic, reflective, and open”. New technology is used in making Windows Vista’s interface. (Barrow, 2007, para. 3)Better securityWindows Vista’s “new security features” is the most important advantage over windows XP.

Enormous security features are provided by the Windows Vista to the users. These features protect computer of the people from hacking. A password is necessary “to do certain sensitive actions” on Windows Vista.

Because of this arrangement no one can enter in your system without your permission. It increases security. (Barrow, 2007, para. 2)Parental Controls is present in Windows Vista. With the help of these controls computer administrator can set boundaries for others. “Separate standard user account” can be made by him for family members. He can block certain sites for certain users.

Hours can be decided by him for a particular user. (Torres, 2008, para. 8)Windows Vista contains new version of Internet Explorer with improved security. “It has new filters and parental controls to keep you safe while you are surfing online. Windows Vista also supports a new robust anti-spam guard. This is called Windows Defender, and it will help keep you safe from spyware and adware that can slow down your system.” (Barrow, 2007, para.

3)“User Account Control (UAC)” is another security feature of Windows Vista. You can use “Windows Vista more as a standard user than as a true administrator” with the help of this feature. You can access everything. It requires your permission for access. (Torres, 2008, para. 9)You can surf internet without any worry about security on Windows Vista. It provides high level of security. Latest version of Internet Explorer (version 7.

0) is used in the Windows Vista. This version has high security features. A warning appears, when you open a fake site. phishing filter is used in this version for security purpose. It also provides security against spamming. ‘Windows defender, advanced firewall, Encryption/Decryption of data, support for NTFS partitions, and auto backup” are some other security features of Windows Vista.Doubtful programs are blocked by the Windows Defender.

In this way “illegal activity in the computer system” can be protected. “Advanced firewall provides security to both incoming and outgoing data”. (Advantage Windows Vista, 2008, para. 3)There are two firewalls present in Windows Vista. One is similar to windows XP and another one is advanced version of previous. It provides bidirectional filtering.

“Incoming and outgoing files” both are filtered by these filters. “BitLocker Drive Encryption” is another security feature of Windows Vista, which is found in some editions of Windows Vista. (Benefits of Windows Vista over Windows XP, 2008, para.

2-4)Latest media player-A latest version of Windows Media Player is used in windows vista for improving the quality of sound and video. The Windows Media Player 11 is used for this purpose. It increases the quality of video and audio. Windows vista provides a better quality of sound than the windows XP. The Windows Media Player 11, which is used in vista, has achieved new look. There are a lot of new features also in Windows Media Player 11. “URGE services from MTV digital music services, Simplified Library, Library layouts” are some features of Windows Media Player 11. URGE is a digital music service which online distributes the music.

It is installed in Windows Media Player 11. We can retrieve massive collection of online music with the help of this service. This Windows Media Player 11 can detect a compatible device and automatically installs all the drivers related with the device. (Advantage Windows Vista, 2008, para.

5)Improved search, Windows ExplorerAn improved search facility is provided in windows vista. When you type some letters of a word, which you want to search, then you will get all related result. a list of all files in the folder is shown by the explorer. When a few letters of the word, which you want to search, are typed in search box then the files related to the letters get “filtered out”. (Advantage Windows Vista, 2008, para. 6)StabilityStability level of windows vista is better than the windows XP. Barrow stated that“Its new driver system makes access and using most program drivers more stable.

They have designed a sort of two-tier system which can help prevent crashes. The new Windows Vista system also will detect driver problems as soon as they occur, and the program will restart it automatically without having to reboot the entire system.” (2007, para. 7)Date and timeWe can find the time difference between two countries in Windows vista. It was very difficult to know in windows XP. It was a difficulty in online chatting.

In windows vista additional clock can be added by the user for the time of other countries. (Advantage Windows Vista, 2008, para. 7)Manage your photos using photo galleryFor managing photos there is a tool, called Photo Gallery, found in the windows vista. It is an inbuilt tool. You can modify your photos with the help of this tool. You can see the previews of movie files using this tool. This feature is not available in windows XP. Photos can be transferred from computer to a device such as “mobile phones, PDA’s, etc”.

Working ability of this photo gallery is very high. It can work with high accuracy. It can work on high quality images which are produced by “latest high quality cameras”.

(Advantage Windows Vista, 2008, para. 8)Total different world, new experienceA new world has been brought by the windows vista. Windows vista is a new experience for the people and it has proved a good experience. It has brought an amazingly change in desktop. A new look is provided to all the icons by the windows vista. Windows Vista also improves the networking aspect. Security has increased in windows vista.

Performance wise vista has made life better. (Advantage Windows Vista, 2008, para. 9)Desktop Window ManagerDesktop Window Manager is another feature of Windows vista. It was not in Windows XP.

In Windows XP graphics are directly drawn on screen asynchronously by the applications. This creates inconsistent displays. To remove this problem Desktop Window Manager (DWM) was included in Windows vista. A finished image is created on the user’s display by this service. (Turnure, 2006, para. 56)SleepSleep is a very good feature of vista.

It is not found in windows XP. Best features of Standby and Hibernate are used in this sleep tool. All the best features of Standby and Hibernate are combined for making this tool.

With the help of this tool you can stop your computer “quickly and temporarily”. In this mode there is no need of shutting whole things down. Data will not destroy in this mode. It takes very less time in on and off. It is a power saving tool. (Turnure, 2006, para. 61)SuperFetchMemory manager is updated in windows vista.

It is called SuperFetch. With the help of this you can load applications and files more quickly than windows XP. It is an intelligent tool. It pre-loads most frequently used applications into memory. Sluggish behaviour can be eliminated by this tool. Instead of SuperFetch PreFetch is used in windows XP, but it was not as faster as SuperFetch.

(Turnure, 2006, para. 64)These are the main advantages of Windows vista over windows XP. Many other advantages are also there. On the basis of above advantages a person should prefer Windows vista over XP. It is a demand of changing technology.

Windows vista provides an operating system which can be used by everyone. Different editions are there for different application. Windows vista is better than the windows XP in every aspect such as performance, speed, reliability, stability, power saving, security, technology. That’s why a person should prefer Windows vista over XP.;


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