Wireless Data Transfer

Jeff Wilkinson’s article “Wireless Data Collection for Metrology Application” shared the advantages and disadvantages of using wireless technology in data transmission. As the rising technology applications today have ventured in the discovery of using wireless technology, the human race leapt levels of improvement.

This includes the use of wired technology such as cables and telephone lines. Although these seem to be reliable routes for data transmission, along the years of its use, problems have been found and left unsolved. But wireless technology introduced solutions to these problems, but it also redesigned the system.The article shared that wireless technology is a useful tool is because it encourages safety and convenience. There are fewer wires used. Wireless technology is also easier to install. It is even more reliable. On the other hand, the article also shared that when sending data, there could be delivery complications.

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But the biggest concern about converting to wireless transmissions is that it can be very costly.With wired data transfers, the article pointed that it can be very hazardous. When lying on the floor, a passing person might trip and fall. That line might pull other objects and destroy other gadgets or items in the room. Over hanging cables on posts can also be snagged by heavy machinery such as forklifts. Other tools might be destroyed. The damage can very well involve an injury.

This can be alleviated by wireless technology.Going wireless is rather convenient. As the article shared, it is easy to install. It is very reliable. The software is designed to be able to send to different receivers. It will have indicators if data have been sent successfully, unlike in wired technology. Furthermore, if one receiver is malfunctioning, the sender will still be able to send the data to a different receiver by simply directing the software.

On the other hand, there are some faults in using this modern technology. Wilkinson mentioned that there will be too many routes for the data. This means the there might be a lot of recipients for the data, but that may cause a sender to send the data to the wrong receiver. By having too many routes, data will not be lost. But it may land to the wrong hands.

This is not always a big problem, especially if the data is not too important. But it will delay all the processes and work flow.Wireless technology might be the solution to a lot of problems brought about by wired data transfers, but it can be very costly. There is the issue about reinvesting on the software in itself. A great advancement may come along with a great price tag. Training personnel to use more complicated technology will also add to the costs. Compatibility of software and hardware by different manufacturers may also aggravate financial standing.

In conclusion, this modern technology is still not the perfect item to use in data transfers. It still has its flaws and problems. But as what happened with wired technology, these problems can still be solved, perhaps by another form of technology. Mankind may be driven by different technologies today, but has not over ruled them.

Man can still surpass challenges such as being adept with using and improving wireless technology.

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