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Last updated: March 26, 2019

In our society today the wireless technology is increasing, while the old fashion conductor is slowly diminishing. As we approach the future of advancement, there is a wireless trio of innovation that is substantially adopting; Long Term Evolution (LTE), Voice over IP (VoIP), and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC).Long Term Evolution is the name given to a project within the Third Generation Project or 3GPP, to improve the Universal Mobile Telecommunication system. The possible effects of this goal is that many standard mobile phone services work creatively to cope with future technology evolutions, and continue to provide solutions to enhance wireless communication. The LTE’s criterion is to standardize radio; core networks, and service architecture, by utilizing this effective and long term commitment.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics show that their will be over 13,000 engineers developing this process by the year 2015.VoIP is a digital telephone service that uses the public Internet as well as a private backbone, instead of the traditional telephone network. In the last three years big names like Vonage, 8×8, and AT&T (Call Vantage) have offered this service by providing fixed fees, and low per-minute international charges. The new thing that most consumers are getting into is Broadband Internet Access; cable or DSL functions.

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How this works is, regular house phones plug into an analog telephone adapter, providing you with high-speed internet. Companies like Dish Network, and Direct TV are now offering the DVR system; that gives you the option to instantly record and rewind live television within the amount of seconds. First there was T-VO, now DVR, pretty soon their will be no need for movie stores, or theatres.

Everyone would simply purchase entertainment, from their own homes.Fixed Mobile Convergence is gaining mainstream attention, and will possibly be the key to wireless innovation. Many host and Internet services like IT Products and Microsoft will play a big role in the FMC movement. Enterprise wants FMC implementations to let them set rules and polices that will offer service usages; provide auditing, tracking, accounting tools, and integrate with internal billing systems. Fixed Mobile Convergence & Wireless VoIP is a part of Unstrung’s subscription- based “insider” service.

In the Wall Street Journal computer experts say that by the year 2009 prices could range from $900-$1,350, making this the topmost priced technology consumed in the United States market.


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