Woman and Young Girl

It is very cold.

An old man is lying on a cardboard box in the middle of the park with no blanket to cover him. A young girl approaches him) YOUNG GIRL: Excuse me sir…are you ok? Would you like a hot beverage? (The old man opens his eyes and smiles) OLD MAN: (in a soft voice) Oh, yes I would, young lady. YOUNG GIRL: It’s freezing…come with me. There’s a restaurant just across the street. Let me help you stand up. (The young girl helps the old man to stand up. They walk slowly toward the restaurant. They enter and sit on a table.

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The waitress approaches them. She has a notepad and a pencil. There is a a man and a woman sitting on a nearby table) WAITRESS: What would you like to order? YOUNG GIRL: Do you have any suspended coffees? WAITRESS: (smiling) I am afraid we do not…but we do have a suspended meal if you want one.

YOUNG GIRL: Well, that’s great! Bring it to the gentleman, please. Oh… and a cup of coffee, too. WAITRESS: (writing on a notepad) And what would you like to eat? YOUNG GIRL: I’d like a sandwich, and a cup of hot chocolate. WAITRESS: Would that be all? YOUNG GIRL: Yes, please.

WAITRESS: Your order will be ready in a few minutes. (The Waitress leaves) YOUNG GIRL: (to the Old Man) I am Sandy. What is your name? OLD MAN: Hello Sandy, my name is Craig.

You are a very generous girl. (The Waitress approaches them, and serves the food and drinks) WAITRESS: Enjoy your meal! YOUNG GIRL: Thanks! (The old man starts to eat) OLD MAN: (smiling) Thank you! This is just what I needed. YOUNG GIRL: Let’s eat before it gets cold! (The Man and the Woman on the nearby table call the Waitress. She approaches them) MAN: Excuse me, but we couldn’t avoid listening to the conversation.That young girl asked for a suspended coffee, and we were wondering… WOMAN: What is a suspended coffee? WAITRESS: (smiling) It’s simple.

People pay in advance for a coffee meant for someone who can not afford a warm beverage, but they can also order a sandwich or a whole meal. WOMAN: Oh, I see. It’s a simple but amazing cause . MAN: So people pay in advance for one or several coffees without drinking them. WAITRESS: That’s right. Then, a customer-in-need asks if there is a suspended coffee available and have a hot drink without having to pay for it.

WOMAN: A nice hot cup of goodwill! What a marvelous idea.We’re definitely going to do this! MAN: Please, bring us the check, and add two suspended meals, and two suspended coffees. WAITRESS: That is very nice of you! I’ll be back in a minute. (The Waitress leaves) WOMAN: It’s a good tradition which I think we should adopt. I am going to tell all my friends and relatives. (The Waitress comes back and gives them check to the man. The man takes out his wallet from his pocket, and pays the Waitress) WAITRESS: Thank you.

It’s a great way to help homeless in the freezing cold. WOMAN: (looking at the Young Girl) We are very touched and impressed for what she did.WAITRESS: A single act of kindness can change a person’s life. (The man and woman stand up) MAN: Oh, and by the way…the food was delicious! WAITRESS: Thank you sir. I’m glad you liked it! Have a nice evening. MAN: Thanks, you too.

(The man and woman leave. The waitress approaches the Young Girl and the Old Man) WAITRESS: Is everything fine? Would you like something else? YOUNG GIRL: Yes, bring us two cups of hot chocolate. We’re having a real nice conversation here. OLD MAN: (smiling) And she’s a good listener, too. WAITRESS: That’s great! Two hot chocolates are on their way! (The waitress leaves) The End

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