Women in ancient civilization in Egypt

From the long braided wigs of women in ancient civilization in Egypt, the ancient tradition of the art of Geisha in Japan, to the ‘Rachel’ cut of Jennifer Aniston, people never cease to get conscious with their hairstyle. Hairstyles will continue to evolve over centuries and will never be left out of fashion and trends for hair; the “crowning glory” of an individual has always been a social implication. It is an indirect determinant of age, economic and social status, personality, fashion identity, intellectual, and matrimonial status, as well as religious connection. Hairstyles can imply conformity, like in army policy, monastic celibacy, or any ethnic group affiliation and it can also express rebellion and individuality. Gray hair becomes the sign of aging, higher hairlines and baldness signifies high intellectuality or a disease and many others.

Hairstyle is a process of grooming and fashion to make one self quite pleasing to others. Nowadays, different types of hairstyles are gaining huge impact in the present day society. That is why, many hair products and treatments are booming over the market. Hair relax, cellophane, hair dyes, they are going in and out of the fads for short periods of time therefore celebrities and fashion fanatics are keeping up with the fast pace of hairstyling.This goes with the trend of business today that is geared towards health and beauty. Business analyst had studied the consumers’ attitudes, beliefs, and preferences; and constraints in making purchase decisions and the market tend to comply with the delivering and promoting products to satisfy consumers’ needs, wants, and aspirations.

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They were able to track, analyze, and evaluate the costumes demands and targets. Food supplements, beauty and health products that promise younger looks and longer, healthier and more active lifestyle are among the best-seller products of today and this trend will continue for more decades or even centuries. Vitamins from A to Z, the “All-in-one” coffee drinks, a tablet that will make you healthier, sexier and more beautiful, a 0% fat, slimming cake, a hair brush that can make hundreds of different hairstyle and removes split ends in just minutes of brushing, these attracts the costumers without minding its very high price, the new face of business world.

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