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The pill came about at an unexpected instant; the pill usage got welcomed by an age group mired in societal upheaval, from the civil rights battle and Vietnam War. Women were not forced into motherhood at all by their biology. They had a right to make a choice on how they could shape their lives through planning the right time when they want to have children and they also had the right to choose how many they want to give birth to. Through this they could pursue careers together with higher education because they don’t have young children to hinder them from pursuing careers.

Women can’t compete with men given that they are bearing children. The pill permitted women to pursue career and become pregnant when they are ready and not accidental.The small part of U.S. college graduate women who are ingoing professional programs rose to a large extent following the year 1970 and the age at first marriage among all U.S. college graduate started soaring roughly that year. Lets look the relationship among these two changes and the circulation of the birth control pill amid young, college graduate women who are not married.

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Even though the pill was accepted in 1960 by the Food and Drug Administration and tend to spread rapidly between the married women, it didn’t diffuse between the young and single women towards the end of the year 1960 when the state law reduced the age of majority and extended mature decision. The establishment of the power of the pill aimed at lowering the costs of professional education which could take a long time for women and rising the age at first marriage.The pill has indirect effects towards women who are pursuing careers. The pill affected nearly all women, not only the career women; it affected even men. With the arrival of the pill all the people might delay their marriages and didn’t pay penalties. Women who pursue long education careers frequently delay their marriages in anticipation of finishing their career preparations. If at all everybody marries, the pool of eligible bachelors will go down and career women must settle within a lesser match towards the end of the training.

As the pill encouraged the delay of marriage for several youths it created a thicker marriage market for career women. The pill enabled women to opt for careers by lowering the cost of a lengthy career investment period indirectly.The young women who are pursuing careers despite the fact that they are using pills they are at the position of behaving badly as far as sexual behavior is concerned. They can go on having sex quite often with anybody they come across because they know they cannot get pregnant and they forget totally about the sexual diseases that they may get. Taking of the pill, changes the taste of women in men. This happens to those women who are not genetically compatible.The labor force participation rate for the women of Mindonia is big because a large number of women use contraceptive pills to control their labor forces.

So a big number uses it to control their births.250 paidThe labor force participation rate for the married women of Mindonia is equally big. The contraceptive pills are allowed only to the married women. So women can pursue their career because they are at the position of controlling their births until they finish pursuing their careers.Married women in Mindonia are staying well because they are pursuing their careers which will eventually enable them live a life that they wish to.

The labor force participation rate for all women is increasing. The figure shows that the rate for married women is increasing.If 100 other employed 15 year old women move to Mindonia the population will go up and it will affect the economy of Mindonia. Those women who are not employed will find it difficult to stay there.

The Mindonia women will find it rough because they will not be recognized at all. It seems that the Mindonia women did not use the pills well during their careers so they did not pursue higher careers in education.3.a)Assuming al hours are spend on work, then Jamies budget constraint = 10×50 = 500 dollars. Check sketch a belowB) assuming the 35 hrs are used per week, Her budget constraint =35×10= 350 dollars. Check sketch bbelowc) with a fixed 200 dollars government donation, the bufget constraint becomes 200+ 500=700 dollars. Check sketch c below  c700600                                                                                   a500400                                                                          b3002001000           10            20          30           40          50hoursThe Dependent Care Tax Credit is more useful because it assists families to meet their needs and it also reduces poverty.

Taxpayers might take so many credits for various life actions but the use of these credits gets overlooked. They are helpful because it is a refundable federal income tax credit for those people who work and the families that earn low incomes. It helps the incentives to work.If the government removed this Department Care Tax Credit the women with children would suffer because they will not be at the position of meeting their career expenses. The tax and transfer systems can from time to time give marriage bonuses for some low-income couples.The federal government had never attempted to count the poor, a lot of economists supposed that economic growth as well as the government intervention would get rid of poverty. They decided to make it a duty to confront the poverty with bold action.

New Yorkers lose ground in the year 1990. In that time all the levels of the government were really enjoying unprecedented budget surpluses that these governments engaged in a frontal attack against the wages of the lowest paid workers. The assault of the welfare was the most aggressive one because it provided staff with their final defense against work offers that are too low.Work CitedRelatively Deprived: How Poor Is Poor?” The New Yorker, April 3, 2006


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