Women and the Workforce

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Last updated: March 25, 2019

People experience different challenges in their lifetime. Some of these experiences have become pivotal, especially when making choices. For the longest time, equality among men and women has become a struggle for society. Women have always been regarded as inferior to the men, and would even be given limited rights detrimental to womanhood. It has also been the stereotype that the men should work hard and advance in society, while the women stayed home in order to care for the family. It has also been noted that the women before were not allowed to a proper education, and were left illiterate.

Quite demeaning, but a harsh reality, indeed.For the longest time, women have been enclosed to domestic jobs and degrading treatment from the men. Although women are being job opportunities, mistakes would still come as insults. Society would still have the impression that if work is not made accordingly, the one to be blamed is the “female employee”. However, whenever a difficult job is accomplished, the women take less of the credit.Furthermore, the roles of women in society still have to be improved. The world of fashion is still dominated by the women, ye the business world is still unequal.

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Women have yet to prove their importance in society, other than just being plain house wives and child bearers. Not everyone is given the opportunity to become successful and make it big in this fast and changing world. I was fortunate enough to be treated equally and advance in this competitive society.Like any other woman in this world, I have struggled in order to survive. I worked in the horse ranch, doing a wide range of work loads. There were times when I would groom the horses then clean the stalls and fields. The work may be tiresome for women, because of the much needed strength. However, I was able to surpass all difficulties like any other man.

Much of my integrity and confidence were boosted for each completed job that I had.I would probably consider the grooming of horses to be my favorite job in the ranch. Sometimes, different groups of people would come to the ranch and view the horses. I find pleasure in seeing the horses well groomed and appreciated by people. Such appreciation would make me feel that I am doing my job accordingly, making me yearn for more. There were times when I would even help in the organizing rides and activities in the ranch. Auctions were also held once in a while, and I would render my services in the preparation of food.Working in the shelter would come as a surprise for many, but my volunteer work had underlying reasons.

The auctions held at the ranch would benefit a shelter catering to the needs of battered women. It is my belief that women should be treated with utmost respect not as punching bags men could hit anytime. These experiences would become difficult for battered women to forget, and would entail much time. Horses need to feel that they are loved and cared for before they could follow their groomer’s instructions. And like the women, much love and care should be given in order for them to forget the heartaches and move forward with their life.

 Sometimes, heartaches become the very reason for women to stop their growth and just be contented with their own lives. In my own little way, I want to feel that their lives would not stop after being abused. Rather, such experiences would make them stronger individuals, and inspire them to become better people.As a woman, I also want to prove something to myself and society. Men are not the only ones who could make it big in this world, for we are also capable of accomplishing the things that they do. Grooming horses may be considered as a tedious job, and should be done by the men.

However, my little deeds in life proved society wrong. There are certain things in life that women could do that the men could not accomplish. For such, women should be treated with much respect and become equally competent with the men. Life is short, and we should make the most out of it, before things become too late.


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