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Last updated: April 2, 2019

Sports had encouraged a firm segregation of female from male.

Because of this, the battle between the two sexes was created. The society often discriminates women athletes who join the male dominated sports because of the masculine viewpoint of people in sports.Despite of the triumph of the women athletes, there still a lack of reporting beats to acknowledge and cover women sports. It cannot be denied that there were more privileges given to men athletes. Women athletes will be seen often on televisions but it is too rare that they will be acknowledged and be seen as part of the newsbeats and headlines in newspapers. It seems that the victory of these female athletes doesn’t count.As a reaction with the issue, the writers said that they tend not to include an article about women athletes because majority of their readers are businessmen. Moreover, the newspaper is getting smaller and it is a risk to put something which is not an interest of majority of the readers.

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Because of lack of media coverage, women athletes were having a hard time on finding sponsors. Unlike with the men athletes, they were getting lots of sponsors because of their domination in media.In some cases, media have the tendency to blind people about the real essence of a female athlete. They are making these women as a sexual object through taking pictures of these athletes who wear skimpy clothes as if they are models of pornographic magazines.

To make it more unfair, women athletes cannot do something with their clothes because it is what their respective sport requires. In contrast, the photos of male athletes show their seriousness and action poses while the photos of female athletes are often romanticized and sexualized. Because of this act, media seem to take away all the achievements of women athletes. They rarely show what a real female athlete is.Another critical facet of being a woman athlete is being branded as the “weaker sex.” In other Muslim countries, all women were oppressed on joining any sports. These countries ban all the female sports and other women athletic activities because it is against their culture and religion to see Muslim women wearing scanty uniforms.

Even if a woman is dreaming of bringing a pride for their country through sports, it will not make any sense because of the country’s restrictions.It was 1862 when women were banned to join the Olympics as equal competitors. Baron Pierre de Coubert said that Olympics must be reserved only for men and women were just to applause on men’s achievements. What they have to do was to cheer for the male athletes during the competition.

During 1996, more privileges were given again to men in Olympics than with women athletes. There were marks that show how women were excluded from any events in Olympics. But after few years, women were given the opportunity to join the Olympics.

They were given the chance to showcase their skill but it is still restricted because of the few slots.Women athletes were sometimes labeled as lesbians because of their masculine features. During the old days, people will often use handsome to describe them because of their big developed muscles and flat chests. People always have the tendency to have doubts about their gender.In line with this, one of the female players in Olympics was banned from playing because of failing the gender test. The player had some disorders in her genes that made the male hormones more dominant than her female hormones.

Even though she knew that she is a female, she was not able to play the game because of failing the gender test.Part of reality as well, they are also experiencing sexual harassment, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and even physical abuse. These are just some of the most painful parts that women athletes experience in the world of sports.In some cases, being strong women can also develop insecurities on their body.

Sometimes, it is a turnoff to guys to see them having large muscles but it is the price they pay. They tend to give up some things that are important to them. They wanted to be feminine but they have the other side of their life wherein they have to work and train hard just to do play the sport that they love.

Among all these, the threats of sports on their health are the most critical facet of being a woman athlete. The most competitive and most active athletes are those who are really prone to acquire health disorders. They can acquire the female athlete triad. This disorder causes the loss of weight, irregular periods or even losing the menstruation period even if an athlete is still young, too much fatigue and stress fractures.Female athletes may also have an abnormal menstrual cycle because of excessive exercise. It was estimated that almost one-fourth of female athletes have irregular menstrual cycle.

In worst case, if their menstruation cycle had stopped, it can lead to a serious heart disease. This disorder on their monthly period is the basic reason for acquiring premature osteoporosis and infertility. Hence, a young female athlete who had stopped menstruating for four years might have the bone strength of a fifty-year old woman.Despite all the negative facets on their lives, women athletes are still striving to bring home the victory on their respective countries. They do not end as losers.In women’s sports history, Wilma Rudolph had created a big change in people’s discriminations with women athlete. Her victory, grace, and charm had captivated the media that causes to start acknowledging the women athletes.

Moreover, her triumph had influenced majority of the Black teenagers who played track and field in United States. These Black teenagers continued their dreams of being a successful athlete. As a result, during the 1984 Olympics, Black women had won seventy-five percent (75%) of the track and field medals.Women athletes are now becoming a model for younger generations. Hayley Wickenheiser is just one of the excellent models for girls and young women. Like Wilma Rudolph, Hayley’s triumph as an athlete had motivated these younger generations of women athletes.It was 1996 when the Summer Olympic Games was held in Atlanta.

The women athletes of basketball, soccer, softball, and gymnastics in U.S. set another gigantic record for the pride of their country. All of the teams brought home gold medals. Since then, women athletes had started to grab almost all of the gold medals in athletic competitions.

Because of too much discrimination women athletes had gained more motivation to fight. When they were excluded from Olympics and any other sports, women athletes had made their own competition. It is to stand high and prove what they have got.Female athletes have much more issues to overcome than the male athletes. These trials made them seem stronger than men athlete regardless of the physical strength. As an example, male athletes are not bothered by gender discriminations and their culture that tells them of their true potential and strength.

In the world of sports, these women need to strive more and show more effort to get the respect of being professional and competitive athletes. Each of them is trying to remove the discriminations regarding the gender issues. Instead of being half-hearted on their passion, they tend to stand high and prove their worth as women athletes.They have a sense of being a Wonder Woman. It is not easy to do the things that are close to superhuman. Nowadays, about eighty percent (80%) of women athletes during their days are in executive positions.

They have maintained the discipline within themselves. They are not just successful in their respective sports, but also in their respective careers.20th century had marked the revolution of women athletes. All over the world, female athletes have shown more skills, talents, enthusiasm, courage, determination, and passion.  They are now dominating the headlines of every newspaper. They have their inspiring and exciting stories to tell.

Indeed, racial discrimination and gender discrimination must be vanished in any sports. Women nowadays are much stronger and they had already made lots of triumphs to prove their worth.Likewise, women athletes are not just strong and skillful. They are also passionate and dedicated individuals in achieving excellence. They can already prove that female athletes and male athletes are just equal in sports. There is no more room for degrading the capabilities of these women because they can also bring glory in their country through doing what men can do in sports.

Equality has always been the most important goal for the women athletes. It is more than the gold medals that they can get and the fame that they can receive.


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