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Last updated: April 4, 2019

In our society some trade are considered to be as the men’s trade. It means that these professions are suitable for the man. Business and Industry is in one of it.

More likely to say male dominates in that professions then females. Handling the business and managing corporate affairs was supposed to be the field of males. After the current development and advancement in the field where the concept of business has been changing now females are also taking active part in it. In other words now females are also playing an effective part in the development for their organization. If we take a closer look in today’s world then we will certainly find that now females have also managed to take active part in the decision making in terms of setting organizational goals and further policies as a CEO.

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For referencing we can use the rating for fortune 500 in which they have also include females as a successful business player.Like Angela Berry, CEO of Well Point, Patricia Woertz , Chairman , President and CEO of Archer Daniels Midland, Indya Nooyi, Chairman of Pepsico, Brenda C Bernas, Chairmen and CEO of Sara Lee and Carol Meyrowitz, President and CEEO of TJX. All these females are playing are high team player and with them there is a huge list of females who are taking active part in the development of their business and organization. These females and highly motivated that’s which shown from their income perspective. They are also a great team player due to the fact that it is extremely different for a female to manage majority of male employee due to the psyche of male dominance. (Jenny Mero, 2007)As a matter of fact all these woman have reached that top position just coming from the bottom. Started their career as a normal employee and after their performance they have entitled themselves for the top positions.

Like Indra K Nooyi, the chairman of Pepsi Co. She was appointed few years back in Pepsi co after an excessive working in Indian market and then after using her capability she manages to get entitlement for the CEO. She regarded due to her best strategic planning in terms of business. Another example is Patricia Woertz, Chairman, President and CEO of Archer Daniels Midland. She was appointed in 2006 after a long term of service and with her petroleum experience. She has turned her firm in one of the leaders in Alternative petroleum by promoting ethanol and bio – diesel.

(John Gettings, 2007)As far as the child of these CEOs concern they usually get some good opportunities due to the status of their parents in business and finance but only those who got proper attention from their parents. These Childs normally have prestructure to start their own career on the basis of the repute of their parents. Like any other although they normally strive but not up to that extent on which a child who don’t have that normally strive to start its career. In comparison with the child who normally don’t have these scenario these children of working female CEO enjoys less responsibilities on them but on the contrary these the rate of  changing behavior is more higher in these children’s because they might feel ignorance from their parents due to the responsibilities and position that normally their parents have.

 Normally to avoid this type of circumstances it is a common approach in these females to return to their home just to take a break to raise their children according to the normal ethical standards. In that phase normally a female normally returns to her family for the betterment of their homes and children. For that we can take the example of Beranda Bernas the former CEO of Pepsi co who resigned from CEO Pepsi Co North America region in order to give more time to her husband and children. (Amy Joyce, 2006)This decision give a rapid boast to the idea that the woman can’t manage both their family and business requirement simultaneously.

Normally this approach is very common that a working female can give up in any case and in any position in order to maintain her marital life. Normally it is very harder for a female to decide that what she wants and up to which extent after a certain specific time period. Either her family or her business responsibilities. In order to maintain her life normally these female normally adopted to beck off from their existing business responsibilities. If these females normally try to back to their business or positions and they usually get a high resistance both from their family and from their organization. (Leslie Bennetts, 2007)Another main issue with these females CEOs is their environment of working.

Normally in this male dominating society normally where coworker are males it’s a difficult job to maintain balance in their life. It is the same reason with Beranda, former Pepsi Co. chief who refuses to enjoy the benefits of CEO due to their family problems and the time that she usually give to their children. According to the fact normally now the organizations have realized that they have to give the flexibility in their works both to their males and females employee. Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo is an example of that where she managed her organization and gets a fully friendly environment in Pepsi co to maintain her family and business at the same time.

Another important factor is their husbands. It is not very common that the husband of a CEO is also a CEO or has a active part in higher management or in Decision Making Process. Some time these CEO realizes themselves that their husband career and growth is more important then their own growth in the organization and normally in this case female CEOs normally retreat from their position in order to develop the career of their husbands. Although, it’s not a positive approach, but for the sake of maintaining their home environment and for the betterment of their children these females CEOs opt this choices to sacrifice their own career to protect their husbands organizational career or to make him successful in their corporate circle. (Del Jones, 2005).These females are the really amazing personalities due to their struggle and strategy towards their goals and a better life style.

Their strong motivation towards a position is really differentiating them from other females. Their attitude towards their organizational development is really a land mark for those females who wanted to accomplish their uncompleted goals. These females have traveled a long way to achieve that position with temperament and with active factor of motivating themselves by their selves. This can easily be regard as a positive sign for all those females individuals who feel themselves retreated after such a short time. These women are really inspiring for all female office workers who normally treat themselves as a common worker and don’t develop their hidden potential.

As a matter of fact these females CEOs has open a gateway for future development especially for the female workers of any organization. In other words these women have accelerated the way for the corporate development of female employees. If we analyze them then we will find that results are quite amazing. It seems that they have just broken up the stereo mechanism that a female can only do a secretarial job.These women have proved that the women can also perform breath taking decisions. She can also participate and develop a complex decision making process.

She can also set organizational goals and developmental strategies for the betterment of the organization. As a matter of fact these females CEO have much more potential to develop a successful long term developmental strategy to achieve their repute. Normally these females also receive some negative response from their coworkers.

Although society has been changed but male dominancy approach is still common in male worker or colleagues of the organizations that led by some female CEO. In that way these female CEO receive some negative response like delaying tactics and refuse to achieve pre – seted targets of the organization. It is not completely claims that male workers create problems for their female boss but it is also a fact normally these female CEOs don’t receive a motivational response from their male employees.  Another important factor is the wages of these females CEOs.

Normally these females CEOs can get their proper facilitation in terms of their remuneration. Their usually get comparatively low than other male CEOs. Normally it happens because their abilities are always treated as uncertain. Although their corporate decisions are much more impressive as compare to other male CEOs but their uncertainty in continuing their position is always a question mark.

It normally feels that these females CEO have very low attitude towards their organization developments but it is quite surprising that after the taking over from a female CEO company has scored more. Like in the case of Patricia, after her joining ADM has become a giant in alternative fuel market. (News journal: Women CEOs are paid less, 2008).By viewing the success of women in almost all kind of organizations it can be said that in future men and women will be in equal positions.

Women should always be supported for such positions as they have good skills of management and decision making like that of men.


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