Women and emotional stimulations

Women and men are reported to react differently when exposed to different situations. The reaction of women has been of great concern due to the extremes they experience. Several experiments have been done to find out what causes such disparity. It has come to be identified that women go through emotional imbalances that makes them react so. Sex hormones have been related to most of the changes that take place in the brain that form foundation of all physical reactions. All these issues can be handled if women are made to understand their biological and psychological make up and handle themselves accordingly.Several studies and experiments have revealed that women are more emotional compared to men.

This is mainly due to their makeup that is stimulated by the female hormones. Estrogen is a female hormone that has been related to most of the psychological and emotional changes experienced in women. Emotional stimulation is controlled mainly in the brain through the responses that perceive and feel. Studies have revealed that, the brain of a woman is not able to control responses received by perception, hearing and feeling. This explains the reason why most women have phobias, weight problems, extreme excitements, mood swings and are vulnerable to hurt. A woman may not be able to persevere through the changes that happen around. She tends to react generally to every activity that happens within and around her.Women and FoodA research conducted by the Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory revealed that women are not able to control their responses when they see or smell their favorite food.

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Women tend to have poor eating disorders due to a certain stimulus in their brain that makes them desire the food. This was related to a growing number of obesity in women than in men. Even though most of the actions are displayed physically, their foundations are psychological (Townsend, 1998).

The brain contains different regions each with a specific stimulus. When exposed to different environments an individual will react as per their stimulation in the brain. Women show higher addictions to food compared to men due to their inner craving that can only be satisfied by them eating the food. This is the reason why they are the most consumers’ of junk foods. The only way that a woman can escape being addicted to such eating habits is discipline herself. This can be done by avoiding passing through such joints or going to places where such foods are in plenty.

They are also required to engage in activities that will make them too busy to think a bout such foods. Most women than men will resolve to eating when they are feeling idle or going through a rough moment, food becomes an alternative way of seeking consolation and comfort. At this point, they may need to be counseled to solve the problem permanently.

Women and SexThere is a difference between how women react to sex compared to men. The sexual stimulation in women is more of psychological compared to men that are stimulated physically. A woman may take much more time to respond to sexual stimulation due the emotional process that takes place in the brain. Sex to women needs more focus and attention; it is much to do with the brain than the organs. An experiment done on the sexual activity of females reveal that the brain parts of a woman that process fear, emotion and anxiety relax during the process. A female will therefore experience absolute satisfaction when such parts are not active. This may explain the reason why a woman takes time to be sexually stimulated compare to a man (Ulku, 1983). For her to be focused to enjoy sex, she needs to be relaxed with no kind of worries and fears around within her.

Many women however, who want to please their men will fake and pretend to be enjoying it when their minds are fully occupied with other issues. This is a fact that many men may not understand due to the opposite way they respond to it. It is up to a woman to ensure that she puts all cares aside to enjoy sex. Men can however help their wives by preparing them psychologically.

Women and AngerMany women tend to suppress their emotions when angered, they may not exactly express their anger directly but keep it within. The side effects of their anger may be exposed through stress and depression or be directed to innocent people around them like children, spouses and parents. Some of them may not be ready to admit what caused them to feel angry and instead relate it to any kind of irritation that they may face. For instance, if a woman who has been annoyed by his boss at the work place and comes home only to find the house in a mess may redirect the anger to the house help. When they are going through such moments of anger, minor issues seem to stimulate their anger and make them over react. It may be difficult to handle a woman who is angry especially when the cause of the anger is not known. The best thing to do is to let her cool down and avoid doing anything that may make her anger explode.

When she is relaxed, a close person can approach her and find out what her recent activities are to identify the exact cause of her anger (Cacioppo, 2002). The environment may however not always provide an understanding person who is ready to listen to her, it is therefore better for a woman to understand her emotional reactions towards anger and train on how to control herself. One thing that a woman has to understand about herself is what easily annoys her; she should therefore try her best not to involve in activities that are likely to stimulate her anger. If the circumstances are unavoidable and finds her angry, she should calm down and reflect on how she is feeling.

This can be done by staying away from people, probably in a closed room and release her anger. Most women will cry their anger off and others will prefer to talk it out. Whichever way that will bring relaxation is preferable as long as it does not cause pain to other people around.Women and GriefWomen are more vulnerable to grief when a loved one dies compared to men; they are likely to seek professional counseling three to four times more than men will. Grief contributes to higher rates of women suffering from stress, depression and anxiety.

Women are naturally caregivers and when a loved one dies, there is a feeling of guilt on why they were not able to do much to prevent such occurrence. It may also be because most of them depend on their loved ones for emotional, material and financial support, such a loss will therefore render them hopeless and thus prolonging their mourning process. Such women can be helped to come out of such a situation if they get someone that can stand with them (Sloane, 2001). They need to be assured that not all is lost and that they can come out strong. Making them escape from their current situation may not help much, instead they are to be reminded of all the events that led to such loss, by doing this, the woman will be able to release their pain by crying or speaking it out, which is usually the first step towards their healing process.

Women and ShockCompared to other incidences where men respond positively than women, studies and experiments have revealed that women in their hormonally active stage (14-44 years) have recorded a higher response to shock than their male counterparts. In a research carried out over a period of five years, the cases of female patients was higher compared to that of men, yet when they were being administered treatment, the females responded faster (Carlson, 1997). This difference was related to varying sex hormones in males and females. The female sex hormone estradiol conferred protection to the females while testosterone in males increases their vulnerability to injury. Shock is a condition that results in the dysfunction of major body organs after experiencing a sudden event.

The body tissues are deprived of oxygen supply that is vital for their functioning. Recovery from shock is experienced when the organs start functioning again. Women that were in need of blood transfusion to enhance their recovery process were less compared to males.Most of the emotional stimulations that women experience are related to the events that have happened to them. Usually, a simple stage may lead to other complicated issues. Any simple event that may seem trivial to a man may turn to be a big issue to a woman if it is not solved in time.

For most women that cannot cry their issues out or get someone understanding to talk to, they may go through depressing moments that may lead to stress. During such a stage a women losses her self esteem and chooses to live in isolation. Traditionally women were not allowed to speak out or express their feelings. This made of them suffer in silence and keep hoping that everything will turn out for better. However, modernization has allowed women to speak out on how they feel and even seek help concerning the same. Women were viewed to be vessels that ought to handle any kind of circumstance that befall them (Loue, 2004).

In situations of grief, the concerned individuals could only sympathize with them without offering them substantial help. They are generally referred to as weak and that whatever emotional feeling that they go through is due to their weak nature. This minimizes their chances of receiving help that would solve their problems.Most societies have not come to such understanding of the female biological nature in response to emotional stimulation. They are still expected to perform their obligations no matter what they are going through. Most men are insensitive to the emotions of the women around them; they are self-centered and come to their senses after major damages have been done.

However, many women organizations seek to address the issues facing the female gender. The women are advised on how to manage the emotional changes within them so that they can not only live healthy lives but also ensure that they effectively fulfill their obligations as caretakers. Men are compelled to understand the issues of women around them and assist them where necessary.

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