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Last updated: April 2, 2019

The disease alcohol dependence syndrome is known as alcoholism.

This begins with the alcohol abuse and binge drinking. Alcoholism has different levels of severity, from less serious, mild to even causing death of the person. Despite of health problems and social consequences, if there is continuous intake of alcohol beverages, then it is known as Alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease as well as addiction1.

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(Disease concept). Actually alcoholism is more prevalent in men, in recent decades, the proportion of women consuming alcohol have increased. Alcoholism starts with light drinking, binge drinking and then to heavy drinking. Binge drinking means consuming five or more drinks in one sitting for men and for women it may be four to five drinks.

Binge drinking is most commonly seen in young people who are under 21 and women2. (Binge Drinking). Binge drinking turns in to alcohol abuse. This happens when someone continues consuming alcohol in spite of continued inter personal, social or legal difficulties.

This alcohol abuse may lead to neglecting child or household or missing school, office or work.Teenagers who are exposed to drinking at such a young age are more defenseless and become heavy drinkers in the future. Consuming alcohol is very danger as it affects directly on the central nervous system. There are three leading risk factors which causes death among teenagers. They are unintentional injuries such as accidents, homicides and suicides.

Youthful immature organs get easily damaged by consuming alcohol. The most frequent way through which teens die is by choking on their own vomit after consuming alcohol. Teenage girls are consuming alcohol competent to teen boys.

According to the survey by CASA, it revealed that alcohol use among boys is 52% and 48%. Girls want to be one among boys. As per the expert opinion consuming alcohol is more dangerous for women than men because women get intoxicated more quickly when compared to men.

Media also plays an important role in this. The teens gets attracted with the advertisements they see in the television and with the desire to imitate that character, they become addict to alcohol.Most of the people who are addicted to alcohol deny that they have drinking problem. Alcoholism is a kind of drug dependence which includes both psychological and physical indications.

Alcoholism is a serious disease and it can only be cured if treated at early stages. The signs of alcohol abuse and alcoholism include excessive alcohol consumption, tolerance to the effects of alcohol, lack of control over drinking, feeling annoyed when criticized about drinking, aggressive behavior while drinking, solitary drinking, mood swings, depression, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, anxiety, numbness and weakness in hands and legs, etc. Alcohol affects all the body parts. Liver diseases such as hepatic cirrhosis may develop. Vitamins even if taken in the diet, cannot be absorbed properly. Loss of memory is caused by vitamin B12. Huge doses of alcohol raise the level of the blood pressure which can even lead to heart attack. The other health problems caused by alcoholism are pancreatic disease, neurological disorders, cardiovascular damage, clotting disorders, high blood fat content, sexual dysfunction and weak immunity to infections etc.

,Alcohol affects women differently when compared with men. Women are more intoxicated than men after consuming the same amount of liquor. This may be due to the difference in the body weight and women’s bodies have less water compared to men’s bodies. By consuming alcohol, women may not realize that her friendly behavior is being alleged, women cannot resist an assault and women who consume alcohol are more sexually available. Women who are raped when drunk are considered to be responsible themselves for the act. Drinking always shows bad judgment. Women who have alcohol-use disorders suffers from major depression, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bulimia and borderline personality disorder. These disorders progresses more rapidly in women than in men.

The long term affect of alcoholism on women is greater than men that include liver, heart and brain damage. Consuming alcohol when the women are pregnant seriously harms the fetus. Heavy drinking through out pregnancy causes neurological problems and birth defects. Binge drinking during pregnancy causes stillbirth, miscarriage, fetal alcohol syndrome and abnormal birth weight.People drink for different reasons.

Some people consume alcohol simply to be social and have fun3. (Alcohol Problem). This normally happens in schools or colleges and the habit continues as we grow up. The habit of drinking is caused mostly by the stress and depression among the people and their lives. People get disturbed and they consume alcohol to forget their pains, to relieve mental torture and to find temporary solutions to their problems. For some of the people, it just becomes a habit like some people enjoy drinking coke or Pepsi and in the same way some people enjoy drinking alcohol.

A lot of research has been done to find the reason as to why people drink. The survey revealed that 71% of the people consume alcohol just for social purpose, 51% people because they like the taste, 6% as they get intoxicated4. (Wendy Moelkar, 2008). Some people drink in moderation but some others drink they get intoxicated.This is very dangerous and there should be some limit to consume alcohol.

The safe level depends on person to person and every one could understand their own safe level. For most adults, up to two drinks per day is moderate and for women it is one drink per day. Alcoholism is a long term disease yet it can be cured if it is properly with the presence of their loved ones. Like other diseases, this is also a life-time disease. If alcoholic does not take alcohol for the long time, he can suffer relapse. To stop drinking, both medication and counseling must be done.

While medication, alcohol should not be consumed because nearly 150 medications interact harmfully with alcohol. So, a person suffering from this disease can get help from many rehabilitation centers and the family members should take care and keep him out of stress, tension or depression. Alcoholism is a long time disease, it can be cured though it is difficult to be cured.


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