Women in Ancient Egypt

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Last updated: March 23, 2019

The book entitled “Women in Ancient Egypt” written by Gay Robins is a must read for historical lovers and those who wanted to know fascinating fact about Egyptian ladies. It speaks about the historical contribution and impact of these women in terms of social, political, religion, economical, art and society.The author uses several evidences to support various claims about Egyptian Women. There are written, archaeological and artistic evidences cited in the book to emphasize both the public and private lives of these women. The records mentioned in the book are more on artistic and written reality which transcends over time. It shows how an Egyptian woman spends her day and contributes to the welfare of her family and the society.

The claims are based on the timeline from 3000 to 300 BCE. The power and influence of women is indeed the main focus of this book since the aforementioned timeline is said to be dominated by men.The author wanted to point out that although women are not primarily the source of strength and power in the society, Egyptian ladies are still capable of making a difference in terms of governance since there comes a point when the king is replaced by a woman to rule. Women’s’ divinity along with the tradition and culture in Egypt is clearly described in the book that surely entices readers.World history will never be the same without Women in Ancient Egypt.

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This book gives readers a colorful perspective in terms of understanding the importance of women in every society.


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