Why are women migrant workers more likely in many cases to migrate than their male counterparts and how does this put them more at risk within the global economy

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Last updated: February 9, 2019

In most cases, women are likely to migrate from either rural to urban or from one state to another in search of employment.

The trend has been increasing as the gaps between women and men widen, there is payments differential depending on where one is working. In rural areas, the wages are lower compared to urban areas though expenses differ largely. Due to the change of laws that have allowed rural residents to migrate to urban areas and vise versa, the urban population has continually increased resulting to increased number of laborers  without the minimal residency, housing, medical cover as well as supporting education for their children (Mutari et al 2003)Migrant laborers, especially women are at a hire risk of exploitation by their respective employers as well as local officials. This is because; most of the immigrants are unaware of their rights and that make it impossible to exercise their rights against the powerful powers that control their access to the employment. Women migrants in particular generally work on low paid sectors, and on the other hand, they work on long overtime hours, working under poor and unsafe conditions and they are often not paid in time or full amount of their wages (Ehrenreich et al 2003)In regard to the working conditions of immigrant women, who face job discrimination and in most cases are pushed to lower paying jobs compared to men, they are like to be hit by global economic crisis more. This is because their low income cannot sustain all their needs due to hiking of commodities prices as well as rising in cost of living. Most of women are not educated compared to men and this again affects their employment status as they are kept at low paying sectors and are retrenched more than men.

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Women migrants are definitely at higher risks of losing their jobs as well as working more than men for low income. Women face more job discrimination compared to men. (Doumato et al 2003)


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