Women of Hope

The film, Women of Hope: Latinas Abriendo Camino narrates the tale of Latina women of U.S.A as represented by twelve extraordinary women who have brought a radical change in their lives and accomplishment. They describe their hopes, aspirations and the ways and means they followed to reach their goals in the perspective of their family unit, their backgrounds and their profession.

The true stories and details depicted in the film inspire the rest of the community.The film, Women of Hope: Latinas Abriendo Camino was directed by Robert Rosenburg. It tells the story of the astonishing lives, using interviews, news, archival film, music and literature, of twelve outstanding Hispanic American women (Latinas) who established themselves going out of the way .The Film delves into the lives of the women drawing a biography of each woman and helps in the building of the community. Twelve prominent Latina women, including actress Miriam Colon, founder of the Puerto Rican Travelling Theatre, Nydia Velazquez, first Puerto Rican Congresswomen; Antonia Pantoja, activist, educator, and founder of ASPIRA, Dominican poet and novelist Julia Alvarez, Chincana poet and novelist Sandra Cisneros, speak of their fights and victory in the context of the customs and hopes, and of their dreams for Latina women. The film is a store of historical library wealth as well as rich collection of Latin music tracks since 1940.

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The film is an encouragement to all as it depicts the lives of the Latinas who had to cross many hurdles in their lives yet make noteworthy contribution to the American multicultural society.As we are aware that the Latinas population is a minority  and their growth in the field of arts and humanities as depicted in the film will inspire their community to grow culturally as well as intellectually like those distinguished Latinas women in the films in spite of all the shortcomings in prevalent in their society and contribute in the long run to America.Therefore the film is a recorder of the distinguished achievements of the Latin American women in the world of art and their community and their influence and inspiration to the rest of the community. It depicts their relentless struggle to fight against the established customs of the society and prove their worth and this could only be possible because of their strong determination and will power.



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