Women of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare had indeed contributed almost half of what the modern literature is now as of today. We cannot deny the fact that his stories have been the most influential to all the writers. He has almost done hundreds of literature pieces including poems, sonnets, stories and theater plays. But as far as we know, there is these three phenomenal stories that had successfully gave him the fame he had never imagined, and these are: Macbeth, Hamlet and Anton and Cleopatra.There are some things you might notice that resembles on all of Shakespeare’s love stories, all of the girls have voluptuous bodies, beautiful faces and the charisma one man cannot ever resist.  But just like any other ladies, they all have something that would make them different between the other ones.The tragedy of Macbeth is about how an inner conspiracy within the family had ended almost all of their lives.

There are four factors that had indeed dominated the whole story of Macbeth: ambition, fate, deception and betrayal. The story had started when three witches had declared a prophecy that the nobleman Macbeth would be the next king of Scotland. Upon hearing the prophecy, he then murdered Duncan, the present king of Scotland. But his wife, Lady Macbeth was troubled by her conscience that she then later on committed suicide. Lady Macbeth, despite of her undeniable power and strength, had just shown that she merely just a simple woman who would not stand committing a murder with her bare hands.

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Despite the fact that she had already done what she shouldn’t have, she had still shown her great regret and condemnation on herself. She was just a woman who hasn’t made up her mind for herself, and that leads her, into doing something she would have never thought she can. She might have a great domination on her constituents, but not on herself.The Tragedy of Hamlet or simply Hamlet is a story made by no other than William Shakespeare that revolves how Prince Hamlet of Denmark would take revenge to his own Uncle Claudius for the death of the old king Hamlet, his father. Just like other Shakespearean dramas, this story is bout vengeance, grieve and madness. While Prince Hamlet is away, Claudius had successfully taken the throne of King Hamlet and married his wife, Queen Gertrude.

Ironically, or maybe not, there are no signs of guilt within Gertrude when she had married Claudius. In fact, according to Prince Hamlet, she hardly mourned for the death of King Hamlet before marrying Claudius and that acts had made Prince Hamlet jump to the conclusion that his own mother, might have also been involved with the sudden death of his own father.Despite of this controversies and conspiracies between Gertrude and her own son hamlet, she still hasn’t skipped to show her passionate and affectionate part of being a mother. Indeed, this mother might have gotten wild because of some issues and might as well, is really guilty. But the fact that she still cares for her son Hamlet, it seems that despite all of this, she is nothing, but a mother who love his son.

Maybe the most famous woman Shakespeare had ever made, Cleopatra. She is the protagonist on Shakespeare’s story Antony and Cleopatra. She is the last queen of Egypt. She is a girl that can surely dominate anything… might as well anyone.

Cleopatra surely is proud, powerful, vain, and courageous and has high self esteem.Because of her image like a serpent, she is sometimes pertained as the queen of snakes. She is said to possess the characteristics of a serpent herself. In fact, nowadays, those girls that are seductive and lustful are often called as Cleopatra. She had indeed, made trademark on her name because of her unique personality and attitude.

Cleopatra, haven’t shown any of her waterloos yet.These three women of Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth of Macbeth; Queen Gertrude of Hamlet and Cleopatra of Antony and Cleopatra surely had made their names famous. They had also made an obvious influence to the women nowadays.They all have something that turned them into a popular lady because a lot of women can relate to them. Lady Macbeth is the murderer yet loving wife for her husband; Queen Gertrude is the sinful mother that loves his son Hamlet dearly and the last, but certainly not the least; Cleopatra, the devouring and engulfing seductive queen of Egypt. 



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