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Feminist activism is largely determined by women’s creative expression on a persuasive basis in light of the tilted historical encounter of the sexes and gender.

On the contrary, activism tends to spark resistance and rigidity among the presumed dominant male gender. Women’s creative expression in affirming feminism henceforth could take subtle cooperative outlooks that seek a win-win scenario between the historically antagonistic genders. Moreover, elements of contention at their various levels could be approached systematically on the basis of their gravity and circumstances as opposed to generalizations that seldom function in our widely divided human community.  In addition, there exists adequate tools, legal and judicial, media, technological and scientific; that are apt enough to resolve the disjunctions at individual levels.Individual social circumstances largely verify their predisposition to take up roles, economic, political and social; that their circumstances demand of them.

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Theoretical perspective on feminismIntervention to resolve a perceived ‘double standards’ in the society could be approached from the socialization process producing it. Such intervention inescapably has to take cognizance of the real biological differences that be, effect of an entirely overstretched history of imbalance, educational and experiential hurdles to overcome, latent religious factors, institutions and the amorphous nature of any society in the era of popular enlightenment (Kate Millet p 40).The theoretical conflict perspective ought to preserve the dominant goal of social integration. Humanity is more quantized and defined in the various levels of intelligibilities. Creative expression is one sure intelligible approach but the challenge remains of individual maneuverability to assert and establish interactive habits that permit limited subjugation, as well as sustainable in preserving execution chances of social obligations and roles.Medical manipulation of sexuality through surgery should not be expected to produce sustainable gender alteration in individuals as it defeats the bounds of natural humanity. Sex reassignment has virtually failed as documented by the psychiatrists. (Butler p.

6) Economically, it’s arguable that if there exist disparities arising from systems of governance policies as little pay for equal work, then that would warrant a remedy out-rightly through the state machinery, civil society lobbying, private sector and non-governmental agencies participationGender is an appreciable organizing factor of our life chances, affirmative approaches are steps in the right direction in light of the diminishing attention of government planning mechanisms to social issues as opposed to economic agendas. In professional work environments, there has emerged the idea of corporate social responsibility among elitist women venturing to promote the plight of their disadvantaged lot (Kate Millet p 45).In conclusion, creative expression as an approach to resolve social conflict of the gender dimensions require subtle latent mechanisms to effect substantial outcomes.

The complexity of Butler’s documentary is evident of the reality. In addition, situational assessment perspectives ought to take centre stage owing to the particularity of the episodes warranting real and timely intervention.ReferencesKate Millet. (1970). Sexual Policies.

New York: Garden City, 41-42.Judith Butler. (2001). Journal of lesbian and gay studies.

Chicago: Duke University                   Press, 621-626.  


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